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New functions of Telegram – voice to text, unique stickers, etc

Telegram is a social media app(Telegram国内版) that lets you have private conversations and send messages to your friends. It’s like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but it’s encrypted and free of ads. Telegram also has a unique feature called “stickers,” which are like emojis for the visually impaired or people who just don’t want to use emojis.

Retina models with a Home button

The new Home button on Telegram for iOS is a custom emoji button. You can use it to send the same sticker or GIFs to bulk Telegram accounts that you would normally send from your keyboard, but now you don’t have to switch between apps to do so.

To send an emoji, tap on the smiley face icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. A pop-up will appear with a grid of all available emojis—and if you haven’t given us access to your photo library yet, we’ll show them here too! Select an emoji and tap “Send.” To use this feature as a text replacement tool (like Apple’s QuickType), just hold down on any word until an ellipsis appears above it and then choose “Insert Custom Emoji” from there.

Voice to text on Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop(Telegram桌面) users can now send voice messages to each other. Once you’ve sent a voice message, you’ll be able to convert it into text and edit it with the same tools that you use to edit messages.

In addition, Telegram Desktop will now allow users to type words in their native language without having them converted into something else!

Unique stickers and sticker sets

We have something special for you! The new stickers and sticker sets are available on Telegram Desktop, Telegram Web, and Telegram for iOS.

Stickers are fun and unique. They can be used to express yourself in your messages or to communicate with your friends more interestingly. You can download stickers from the store or create them yourself using our Sticker Editor.

Video streaming

You can now watch videos on Telegram and share them with friends. The video streaming feature is available to all users of the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps.

You can view a stream directly from a chat, group, or Supergroup by tapping on the video icon above it.

To start watching a stream, swipe up to expand it and continue swiping to zoom in or out (you can also pinch-zoom with two fingers), just like you would on YouTube or Instagram videos.

Stickers with animated masks

One of the useful new functions is stickers with animated masks. You can use these stickers to add a personal touch to your messages and give them an even funnier twist by adding an animated animal mask. There’s a wide range of masks available, including bears, cats, dogs, and foxes.

There are new features on the way!

Telegram Desktop, Telegram Web, and the iOS/Android/Windows apps are about to get some new features.

The most exciting change is a new way to translate your voice messages into text. You can now send your friends voice messages from the app and they will appear as text in their chats. All you need to do is tap the mic icon on any chat, then start speaking into it like you would with an actual phone call. The recipient will receive your audio file with transcription automatically added at the bottom of his or her screen (they don’t have to do anything). This function works flawlessly 99% of the time—but if it doesn’t work for some reason (for example, if there are too many voices around), just tap “Try again” and try again later!

Another new feature that we’d like to introduce is stickers that you can use when communicating with others via text. Stickers are small images that users add to their messages so others know how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking without having to say anything at all! To see all available sticker packs: open up a chat with someone; click on their name in blue; then hit “Stickers” under “Additional information”.

In conclusion

We’ve been working diligently on Telegram for over five years, constantly improving and adding new features to the app. We are always trying to make it better for you guys, so we hope that these new features will help you communicate more easily with your friends, family, and colleagues!



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