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NDIS Participant Goals: All You Need to Know

NDIS aims to empower people with disabilities and help them live their life to the fullest. When you become an NDIS participant, you pave the way for a safe, comfortable and growth-oriented life and the kind where you will have access to all the resources you need to work towards your personal and professional goals.

Your goals reflect what you wish for in your life, and therefore the NDIS offers funding to help you fulfil them all. As your disability support providers in Altona, we take forward the vision of NDIS and make sure each penny from your NDIS fund aids you in achieving your goals.

To help you arrive at a better understanding of NDIS goals and how they function, let us take you through everything you need to know about NDIS participants’ goals.

What are NDIS Goals?

Your goals could be anything you wish to achieve during your journey as an NDIS participant. NDIS inspires the participants to set achievable goals for themselves as the fulfilment of such goals will boost their morale and push them towards a better and improved life. These could be short and long-term goals covering each aspect of their lives, whether personal, social or professional.

Your goals can include:

  • Becoming more independent.
  • Acquiring education
  • Securing a job
  • Improving your motor skills
  • Engaging with the larger community around and building meaningful relationships.

NDIS in Werribee or all suburbs across Australia places special significance on fulfiling these goals as they determine your level of well-being as an NDIS participant.

Importance of NDIS Goals

NDIS goals are a key part of any NDIS plan. They serve numerous ends, including:

  • Help the participants identify their strengths and weaknesses and pave the way for overall improvement and growth.
  • Fulfiling these goals enables them to arrive at a more independent position in life.
  • These goals help them cross everyday limitations and live life the way they have dreamt of.
  • The NDIS participant goals help keep track of the progress that they have made during their journey. It also helps determine if the provided supports are working for them or not.
  • Once you voice your goals, your disability support providers in Melton, your family and your friends will have a clear picture regarding how to assist you in leading a better life.
  • Setting up realistic goals would help the participants stay motivated throughout their journey.
  • Help you build capacity and lead an independent life to the maximum possible extent.

How Are NDIS Goals Recorded? 

  • The participants voice their goals during the planning meeting, and their Local Area Coordinator records them.
  • Using a strength-based approach, we discuss the goals in detail and a proper plan for their fulfilment is curated. Your talents, needs and skills are considered, and a proper vision of how these goals would help you grow is formed.
  • All the goals are recorded in the participant statement. Note that there is no maximum limit; you can add as many goals as you want in your statement.

How Does NDIS Help Participants Meet Their Goals?

Before we begin, one important thing to note here is that NDIS won’t fund all your goals but only those deemed necessary and reasonable. If there is a goal that doesn’t align with the criteria of NDIS, you would have to seek informal support from your family, community or government.

  1. Once you have identified your goals, with the support of your Local Area Coordinator and disability support in Altona, you will curate a proper plan regarding how to achieve them. Here, two things would be primarily considered:
  • Your past efforts to fulfil similar goals.
  • External or internal factors that could hinder your path or progress as an NDIS participant.

After properly analysing each of these elements, your NDIS plan will be crafted.

  • NDIS in Werribee or your chosen disability service provider would recommend you the services that could assist you in fulfilling your goals. Funds will be allocated accordingly.
  • NDIS conducts regular planning or review meetings to monitor your progress and see if the services availed by you are catering to your needs or not. If the progress made is not satisfactory, your plan is altered to meet your goals efficiently.

Have Other Queries?

Here’s everything you need to know about NDIS participant goals. In case you have other queries or need assistance regarding any aspect of your NDIS journey, you can reach out to us at Horizon Access Care.

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