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My Netgear Router is Not Working. What to Do

If your Netgear router is not working, then you must try the tips provided in this article. We give you our word that by the end of this post you will be able to make your router up and running. So, without much delay, scroll down a little and get to know one of the best tips to troubleshoot the issue.

Fix: Netgear Router Not Working

Fix 1: Is your Netgear router getting proper power supply? Verify it! Most of the times, we think that our router is plugged in properly but actually it is not. So, keep this fix into consideration and make your router working smoothly in minutes.

Wait! Plugging the router in is not enough! You have to press the power button as well. Sometimes, in a hurry, after plugging the router in, we forget to press the power button. This leads to the non-working of the router issue. Be it router, smartphone, laptop or wireless computer, if we forget to turn them on after plugging, they will not work for us for sure.

Fix 2: Is the power outlet that you have used for your router working? Verify the same! And, if you find any sort of damages in the wall plug, replace it right away.

Have you applied the fixes listed above? Is your router working now? Confirm by accessing the Netgear router login page. Is the router login page taking ages to load? No worries! Try the next troubleshooting tip in our post.

Fix 3: Is the router connected to your existing modem? Yes, you read it absolutely right! If your router and the modem are not connected wirelessly (after the router configuration process), then you will surely not be able to make the most out of it. So, make sure to connect your router and modem properly in a wireless manner in order to get the most out of Netgear device. Doing so will help you access the internet throughout the house. 

After connecting the devices using a wireless source, check the connection between them by accessing the routerlogin page.

Note: You don’t have to try each and every fix provided in this post. If the problem is resolved after applying only one fix, then there isn’t any need to try them all. But, keep all the fixes handy! You never know when your router stops working or starts performing slow. So, if you have the fixes in hand, you can troubleshoot any major or minor issue with your Netgear router.

Fix 4: Power cycle your Netgear router. This is one of the most important fixes that is tried to solve many problems related to your Netgear router.

To power cycle or restart your Netgear router, do the following:

  • Disconnect your Netgear router from your modem and other devices.
  • Then, unplug the router from the wall socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plug the router back in.
  • Connect the Netgear device to your modem.
  • Now, try to access the setup page to see whether your Netgear device is working fine or not.

Still your Netgear router is not working? Fret not! Ensure that you have configured it properly. Your Netgear router will not perform well if you haven’t configured it properly. So, set up the device in a proper manner and make the most out of it.

If you aren’t sure that your router is properly configured or not, reset and reconfigure it. But, before resetting the device, ensure to take the back up of your Netgear device’s settings.

Fix 5: After configuring the router in a proper manner, check for the firmware update available on it. Yes, updating the firmware version of your Netgear router is very important for the well working of the device. So, access the router’s firmware update page using IP, and if you find any firmware updates available, update it right away by following the on-screen instructions.

In these simple ways, you can make your Netgear router up and running. Share with us via comments, which method you have tried.

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