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Multifamily Financing at Hasanov Capital

The approval process for FHA-backed multifamily loans can take six months or more. Because FHA guidelines are so complex, navigating them and completing all required forms can be lengthy. Hence, many savvy multifamily investors prefer to utilize a financial advisor to help them navigate the process. Hasanov Capital is one such company that understands the FHA approval process and can streamline it for its clients.

Fannie Mae multifamily loans:

It can be the perfect solution when looking for multifamily financing real estate, mortgage-backed security, or MBS. MBS investors treat multifamily MBS like other commercial investments, requiring standard terms, prepayment restrictions, and prepayment premiums. However, single-family MBS have no such restrictions. Because Fannie Mae focuses on assisting lenders in identifying high-quality borrowers, they do not require prepayment premiums or prepayment restrictions.

Fannie Mae purchases multifamily mortgage loans for cash, guaranteed by the GSE, and used as collateral for securities issuances. Multifamily MBS are easier to sell than the whole mortgage loan. As investors, you get cash flow and guaranteed repayment. Multifamily MBS are backed by multiple loans and varying interest rates and may contain adjustable-rate mortgages.

The application process for multifamily loans can take between six to twelve months. And with FHA’s complicated guidelines, navigating these forms and requirements is time-consuming. For this reason, many savvy investors of multifamily properties opt to work with a financial advisor. Hasanov Capital is one of these advisors, and our team of multifamily loan experts is well-versed in the FHA approval process.

Freddie Mac multifamily loans:

If you plan to invest in multifamily properties, consider applying for a Freddie Mac multifamily loan. These loans offer several advantages over traditional multifamily bank loans. For one, they offer 80% LTV, which makes cashing out possible in some cases. Additionally, these loans are easier to qualify for than traditional multifamily bank loans, As they normally require a credit score rating score of 660 or higher. In addition, they do not require tax returns, as they are stated income loans. The power of the belongings in place of the borrower’s economic power is Freddie Mac’s multifamily loans.

Green Advantage:

This program lets investors save money on water and energy by installing energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Green Advantage supports both single-family and multifamily properties and can help you secure a more affordable loan. Freddie Mac also offers a Green Assessment program that requires a pledge to reduce water consumption by at least 25%. Lastly, Green Advantage loans can help you reduce your DSCR requirements by as much as $3,500.

SBA 7(a)

Hasanov Capital has a broad network of lenders and can offer multifamily financing solutions. Its management team is experienced in commercial real estate, with experience as owners, operators, developers, and managers of actual property portfolios and funding funds. They have a tested song file of executing complex transactions in various market climates and consistently produce strong returns for investors.

SBA 7(a) loans are specially designed for small corporations withinside the U.S. and are available to purchase the owner-occupied commercial real estate, equipment, and working capital. The loan program can be used for any business, from purchasing equipment to buying a commercial property. The best part is that the SBA 7(a) loan application does not require a detailed cash flow analysis. You can anticipate your software program to be legal faster than if you were to apply for a traditional commercial loan.


Hasanov Capital is a real estate finance company that offers a variety of specialized loan products to clients in the commercial real estate sector. The company offers customized multifamily financing solutions for commercial real estate investments and developers and acts as an intermediary to connect clients with global lenders for financing their projects. Regardless of your needs, Hasanov Capital will work closely with you to structure a loan that fits your needs and budget.

While traditional banks have stricter underwriting guidelines, CMBS lenders are more flexible and may approve borrowers with credit and legal issues or a recent bankruptcy. In addition to offering competitive rates and fast approvals, CMBS lenders are more willing to work with borrowers with multiple credit ratings or who filed for bankruptcy. It may be why savvy buyers use an economic advisor such as Hasanov Capital to help them finance multifamily properties.

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