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Most Popular Travel Booking Websites and Apps

With all the different travel sites out there, it is challenging to choose which one to utilize. Each movement organization causes you to accept they are the ideal decision.

So which sites genuinely offer the best benefit to voyagers?

To address this inquiry, we must first realize which travel sites and applications individuals use.

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5 Key Takeaways

  • TripAdvisor is the most visited travel site, trailed by
  • Ctrip is currently the seventh most visited travel site. In 2014, Ctrip just positioned 24th
  • Travel applications are multiple times as famous with Europeans than Americans!
  • Airbnb is the most downloaded travel application in the US
  • Google Trips is the sixth most downloaded travel application in the EU

What might you at any point anticipate from this article?

Read on to learn about the most well-known travel websites and applications.

We will share different infographics, feature the most intriguing bits of knowledge and offer our assumptions for 2025. Note that the notoriety of applications and travel sites contrasts a ton for every

Explorers arranging an outing from Bali to Gili Islands in Indonesia will probably utilize unexpected sites compared to somebody searching for the best activities on Koh Tao in Thailand.

Beneath, you can now find a sneak see of our figures for the most famous travel brands.

Top 10 Travel Booking Websites


The nr one visited site is TripAdvisor with 588.8mln guests. It doesn’t shock or amaze anyone. TripAdvisor offers more than 660mln surveys about facilities, cafés, and exercises from one side of the planet to the other.

Although many individuals visit TripAdvisor to understand surveys, the site offers the choice to look at the lodging costs of various booking sites. Additionally, are they exploring different avenues regarding booking straightforwardly on TripAdvisor?



The second most visited site is This Amsterdam-based OTA (Online Travel Agency) got 563.3 million guests throughout August 2018. Simply 25.5mln guests shy of TripAdvisor,

Most of the guests visit to book at their convenience. Customarily focussed more on lodgings, they likewise began to add a large number of forward-thinking facilities. The site presently records north of 27 million facilities, of which over 5 million non-inn postings.

3. Airbnb

The third spot has a place with Airbnb. Because of this quickly developing organization, explorers no longer need to restrict their choices to customary lodgings. We can rise in the neighborhood culture by remaining at somebody’s home.

Airbnb gets a smidgen mutiple/3 of the visits of, yet this could change rapidly. Even though they are not near the number of postings on, they continue to add facilities at a quick speed. Furthermore, remember they are venturing into new administrations like neighborhood

4. Expedia

Expedia is the second most well-known OTA for inn appointments after This site is more ordinarily utilized in the US than in the EU. The diagrams about the application use and downloads further affirm these territorial distinctions in application inclinations.

Expedia’s differentiator is consolidating lodgings with trips to get the best arrangements. Other than lodgings, they additionally present a wide variety of other travel items like travels and what should be done.

5. Trivago

Trivago is a German-based meta-web crawler that looks at inn costs from more than 400 appointment sites for 1.8mln+ lodgings.

They cover over 1.8mln inns, yet this doesn’t come near the 27 million postings on It implies you can, in any case, find a lot more facilities on that are not recorded on Trivago.

6. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a somewhat accepted norm for analyzing flight costs in Europe. It’s an extraordinary instrument to look for flights and analyze charges from almost every carrier.

Their quest interface, which permits you to see costs for an entire month, is handy.

7. Ctrip

Ctrip is acquiring ubiquity rapidly. In 4 years, Ctrip scaled to rank #7 from rank #24 in 2014.

Ctrip is one of the biggest OTAs in China and is hoping to grow its arrival everywhere. Other than inns, they additionally offer flights, train tickets, visits, and practically some other travel administration you can imagine.


As the name says, their attention is on inns, not flights or elective facilities. Their reliability program can be an intelligent motivation to book on

You get one for nothing at regular intervals you book on Most lodgings partake in this steadfastness program, and you can remain at various inns to fill out your computerized stamp card. Next time you go on an excursion for work, book your inn on and gather your free evenings for your next vacation!

9. Kayak

Kayak is very famous in the US. However, it doesn’t get the credits it merits as we would see it. This meta-web search tool began as a flight correlation instrument but leisurely made its shift to inns.

Their flight search mainly offers fascinating highlights like looking from any air terminal inside a distance of 70mi and their cost expectation device. One more helpful device is the choice to look for an outing of x days in a specific period. You can, for instance, look for the least expensive end-of-the-week trip from the fifteenth of December and a month from that point.

In any case, it doesn’t stop here; Kayak has been growing its past contribution flights. Their vehicle rental hunt illustrates how clients can track down the least expensive vehicle rentals and the ones that precisely meet their requirements. At the point when you need to lease a vehicle for the course from Cancun to Tulum, for instance, you can choose that you need to drop the car at an alternate drop-off area. This choice is, once in a while, considerably less expensive than taking a taxi for a similar course.

10. Jalan

Jalan hasn’t caught a lot of consideration in the English-talking nations This Japanese OTA professes to be one of the most prominent web-based booking destinations for lodgings and ryokans in Japan.

While Jalan didn’t appear in the leading 30 most visited travel booking sites in 2014, they presently entered the best ten worldwide. Strangely, the OTA focuses on facilities in Japan and has no global postings.


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