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monopoly money speed craps rules

monopoly money speed craps rules

Winning Moves Games launched Speed ​​Die with Monopoly. The Mega Edition in 2006, and has subsequently been added to many other editions. Including the Standard Edition in 2007.

Using the Speed ​​Die

The Speed ​​Die is only used to determine triples. it is not used to determine doubles.

If the player rolls triple 1, 2, or 3, they can move forward to any space on the board and do not have to roll again.

Also, if a player rolls two doubles and then a triple, they won’t go to jail. Instead, they are free to move anywhere on the board and do not have to reroll.

If you roll, you will get:

  1. A 1, 2 or 3: add the number obtained to the total of the usual dice.
  2. Mr. Monopoly, move as usual and take that turn as usual. Move on to the next unowned property, which they can buy or auction, before re-rolling or transferring the dice to the next person. If there are no ownerless properties available. The player transfers to an opponent’s unmortgaged property. However, do nothing if all of your opponents’ properties are mortgaged.
  3. A bus: you have the option to move the values ​​of both white dice or just one white. If a player rolls a 2, a 6, and a bus, for example, they can choose to move 2, 6, or 8 spaces.
  4. Take 1 bus ticket from the deck if you roll a bus in the Mega Edition. If there are no more tickets available, or if you wish, go to the nearest Chance or Community Chest location, whichever is closest.

classic monopoly rules

1. Objective

The goal of the game is to accumulate the most wealth by buying, renting, and selling real estate.

2. Preparation

Place the board on a table and place the Chance and Community Chest cards face down on the board in their assigned space.

each player selects a token to represent himself as he travels around the board.

Each participant receives $1,500, which are divided respectively. P each of $500, $100 and $50; $640; 5 each of $105, $5 and $Is; and 5 each of $105, $5 and $Is.

In addition, they sent all leftover funds and equipment to the bank. Stack the money in the plastic bank tray on its edge in the compartments.

3. Banker

Choose a banker who is also an excellent auctioneer. A banker participating in the game is required to keep his personal cash separate from the Banks.

When there are more than five players, the Banker can choose to function simply as a banker and auctioneer.

4 The Bank 

In addition to money, the Bank owns Title Deed cards, as well as houses and hotels. Until players buy and use them.

Likewise, the Bank is responsible for the payment of salaries and bonuses. Sell ​​and auction properties and issue proper property titles to buyers.

In addition, it sells houses and hotels to players and lends money with mortgages when necessary.

The Bank is responsible for collecting all taxes, penalties, loans, and interest, as well as the value of all properties it sells or auctions.

Although, if The Bank of New York “fails. However, if the bank runs out of cash.

The banker can issue as much additional cash as needed by writing on any ordinary sheet of paper.

4. The work

Each player rolls the dice starting with the banker. The game begins with the player who has the highest total.

Place your token in the “GO” corner, roll the dice, then move your token to the number of spaces shown on the dice in the direction of the arrow.

The turn moves to the left once you have finished your game. The tokens remain in the occupied places and continue from there on the player’s next turn.

Two or more tiles can occupy the same place. You can buy real estate or other properties based on how much space your token reaches.

alternatively, you may have to pay rent, pay taxes, take out a Chance or Community Chest card, “Go to Jail”, etc.

If you roll doubles, you move your token to the total of the two dice and are subject to any privileges or penalties associated with where you land.

Put the dice away and roll them again, moving your token as before.

If you roll three doubles in a row, your token will be moved to the “In Jail” space immediately (see JAIL).

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