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Mobile Game Development Costs Explained in Simple Words

The mobile app development sector has raised a storm across the planet. Day after day, plenty of investors and entrepreneurs are stepping into this business zone since it has a high-profit margin than others. 

The app stores are loaded with apps and games, and more are being added by the day. What’s Next? Taking in all the scope of this frenzy, mobile and Mobile game Development Costs are booming since they have already grabbed hold of this lucrative opportunity.

But more importantly, there is a more demanding prospect for mobile game Development Costs in the game development sector than in mobile apps. 

So, if you’re absorbed in investing in the game development sector, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll walk you through typical and advanced game development stages and how much a Mobile game Development Costs. 

Mobile Game Development Steps

Building a mobile game is a crucial mission to put up with since it involves ingenious conduct that cannot be attained without a whole of thought and planning. If anything goes sideways during the game development process, it’ll branch off into full-scale calamity for your game. 

That, by no means, is an overstatement, as it does have its intact effects. So, what do you need prior to the game development process? First and foremost, you need a fool-proof, dependable, compelling, leading-edge, in addition to all of their synonyms.

You must ask yourself, What’s the purpose of my game? Why should people play it? And more of these similar questions. Then, you should find their answers. 

On top of that, keep questioning until you make your game a stand-out one from all out there. After you do that, now it’s time to list those game development stages for you.

Game Design Document

The first step to begin with your game development process is to document all of your game specifications, including literally everything your game relates to. Not to mention the “Design” word may sound like it’s about game design or graphic design.

But no, it covers a lot more than just that. So let’s have a look at them. Also, let’s keep it short and straightforward.


·         Game Story

·         Settings

·         Gameplay procedure

·         Various levels


·         Wireframes

·         Game Arts – animations, audio, characters, etc.

Business Goal:

·         Business Model – setting monetization options

·         Use of Technologies

·         Analytics

·         Marketing

·         ads

·         Push Notification

Besides, you should clearly state your game expectancy to the developers and designers. More than that, you should also choose a platform to build your app in such as iOS, Android, Web, or Computer. 

Also, set your game update duration frequency in the document. Game design needs more than if you want to pave beyond. In that case, you should get creative and invent ideas for your game creation, marketing, and more. Above all, include each spec of your game into this design document for developers’ and designers’ convenience. Doing so helps you estimate the total cost of your game development too.


After making that design document, every step ahead is nothing but a snap to carry out. Prototyping shows your target audience what you’re working on, and it helps make all their suggestions to improve your game.

In this segment of the game development process, you can test out your game design and mechanics ever so effortlessly. 

Not to mention after your game release, you may not have this benign measure. Thus, don’t forget its implementation. As discussed, it’ll spread out your game weaknesses thru your potential users.

Architecture Design

Architecture plays a crucial role in scale and growing your game almost for every project development. Not to mention the ever-changing market is not a steady niche to opt for instant success in addition t your old-fashion strategies. 

Simple that would convert your project more flexible with the demanding challenges of the marketplace. Additionally, the market architecture design will help grow your project with streamlined and optimized strategies. 

By doing that correctly, your project, aka game, would have a high potential to breed ever more quickly than ever.


Call it implementation or the actual game development segment – all the same. This is the stage where your game development undergoes coding and designing. Know that the developers and designers will ensure all the specs of the game. 

Which are mentioned in the Game Design Document. More than that, to ensure the best game, you have to hire the most experienced and skillful developers and designers to bring your mobile game into existence. 

More importantly, if even a bit of what’s mentioned in your GDD is not up to the mark, don’t hesitate to ask developers to redo them properly. After all, you’ve paid for it, and you should get what you paid for.


Perhaps this is an essential step of the game development process. And more importantly, it isn’t merely for searching and fixing lingering bugs and errors in the developed game. But it’s about testing if the designed game meets the proposed requirements and is understandable to the potential users. 

For steering this sole task, QA engineers play a pivotal role to ensure its performance and reliability. What’s more? Even at times, QA engineers may not point out its niggles and bugs. That’s why you also need to test your app with the help of diverse users, or may I say fresh eyes.

Mobile Game Development Costs

Here we are. After going through all the game development stages, you may want to know how much mobile game Development Costs. For what’s it worth, that significantly depends on many underlying factors such as:

  1. Developer’s Hourly Cost
  2.  Designers Hourly Cost
  3.  Technical Stacks
  4. Game Complexities
  5. Game Quality
  6. Development Location
  7. And lots of other aspects

However, if you want a figure to start with, we’re obliged to demonstrate a potential figure. Then again, the cost of game development depends on each aspect of the game development stages/process. 

The possible Mobile game Development Costs can start from 1500 – 1000000 US dollars. The game development cost can show variance concerning its development stages, game enormity, etc. That said, you can also consult the best game development company and know for sure what your game can cost.

Summing it up

To conclude, the app development sectors are booming, especially the game development sector. Many times, people install games right after they buy their new smartphones. By that, you can estimate how demanding this sector is. 

And apart from that, games are in general enjoyable and stress-freeing. Many psychologists also recommend playing games for their stressed patients with that in mind. Let’s face it; games have contrived a strange and yet fun culture.

More than that, the gaming culture has also offered a new era of game development – Mobile game Development Costs, where you can play and win digital assets. Nowadays, many online gaming tournaments have commenced boosting gaming values. 

Thus, investing in such a niche is always profitable. And when you find the ratio of gaming enthusiasts on the planet, you’ll be nothing but surprised. After all, you have a multitude of the target audience. 

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