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Microsoft is Making It Easier for Customers to Repair Devices. Will Other Companies Follow?? 

An as You Sow study is scheduled to finalize by 2022. Following the results, the tech giant will evaluate the conclusions and work on them. Will they offer a replacement for faulty device parts at low prices? Or will they launch new software and instruction manuals to fix bugs and issues? Can you get access to download the study on a residential service like Cox TV packages? Or will it remain restricted? Microsoft will share the details by the end of 2022! But big changes are coming, especially concerning device repair. 

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft has always lobbied actively against legislation offering consumers the Right to Repair. However, finally, the tech giant has given in to the constant pressure from the shareholders. This marks a meaningful win for those who are in favor of the right-to-repair movement. 

Why Is It Huge? 

Of course, this is good news for those who have splurged on expensive Microsoft devices. The company has agreed to hire a third-party, advocacy group to conduct a study of how facilitating people with more repairable product options will affect its customers and environment. 

This agreement will make Microsoft the first American device manufacturing company of this stature, to consider the right-to-repair bill. This happened because of the pressure from shareholders and investors. And similar pressure campaigns will now direct toward other tech companies like Apple. 

Other companies such as Motorola, HP, and Dell are also making repairable devices. And now, more and more companies would want to get ahead of the Right-to-Repair legislation. Microsoft is expanding its repair options and will be supplying access to info and parts to study the repair needs, setting an example for other companies to follow. This is all in favor of customers. Considering the prices of the high-end gadgets from all major companies, this step is huge! Also, it is in favor of the environment! 

What Exactly is Right-to-Repair? 

As mentioned earlier, Right to Repair is a movement advocating people’s rights to be able to repair their own devices. This will be a significant step towards reducing e-waste, which is quickly becoming a major environmental hazard. In addition, by extending the life of expensive electronic devices, customers investing heavily in these devices will be facilitated. 

The Right-to-Repair movement run by the activists revolves around the idea that if a user invests in something expensive, then they should have easy access to its tools, parts, and necessary info to fix and repair it. The option to discard it and invest in another brand new pricey device is no longer acceptable. 

The Pressing Need  

Did you know that around?2% of the total trash in America?in landfills is e-waste? And cellphones and other devices contain high amounts of precious metals such as silver, gold, and others, which are dumped into waste. Americans alone dump phones containing precious metals?worth $60 million?every year! 

Since devices and gadgets are used across the world, the total e-waste disposed of worldwide is around 20 to?50 million metric tons! That’s a lot! Therefore, to save the environment from this hazard, tech giants like Microsoft were expected to do something. And since the right-to-repair resolution was all rage, this was the right time to do it.? 

As You Sow has now filed a shareholder resolution where other shareholders can introduce resolutions too and then vote on them. This forced Microsoft to finally respond and bow to the investor pressure.? 

What Has Microsoft Committed to? 

Other tech companies like Motorola are already ahead in their progress to offering device repair options. However, Microsoft has committed to going above and beyond. The company will offer service manuals and parts to the public tentatively by the end of 2022.?? 

To show its keen resolve, Microsoft has already taken steps toward facilitating its customers with increased reparability. How? The Surface laptop that came in 2012 was completely unfixable and if it was to be rated on a reparability scale, it might have scored zero. But the Surface 2 and 3 showed massive improvement and they are redesigned to be much more repairable. 

Will Other Companies Follow the Trend? 

The word is out! Shareholders are already filing resolutions at Apple and John Deere. Thanks to As You Sow for introducing this smart strategy to use the shareholder status to get a company response. After this intelligent maneuver, one thing is for sure. More filings are on the way! 

Tech companies are now taking responsible initiatives to address the pressing issues of environmental pollution and customer ease. 

Apple has even announced hiring a vice president of Policy, Environment, and Social Initiatives. Companies like Apple have never acted so responsibly. Apple contributes a massive amount of e-waste annually. Not allowing its customers to fix their Apple devices, the company is making sure that the customers are forced to buy new phones/gadgets. The result? More e-waste! 

The Timing 

The good news is that tech companies have finally decided to address these issues. And when it comes to the question of timing, several factors have contributed to making this happen now without further procrastination. Some of them are public pressures, the problem of toxic e-waste, and the looking legislation of the right-to-repair. 

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