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What Qualities Make MBBS in Philippines Better than Other Countries?

You might be aware of the fact that there are more than 540 medical colleges in India, and they offer more than 80,000 admissions per year. In a similar manner, all other countries also have their specific count for the number of colleges and available seats for admissions.

There can be so many reasons behind not getting admitted to a medical college in your country. And in such situations, the dedicated students need to search for some reliable options to Study MBBS abroad. In many colleges, the seat cost gets too high that average families cannot pay that hefty amount at the time of admission. But when you make efforts to get admission into MBBS in the Philippines, the process becomes quite easier. The great news is that many colleges in the Philippines offer the same standards for education along with reliable facilities for accommodation.

Incredible Qualities of Philippine MBBS Education:

Many experts believe that the Philippines is the best place to complete medical education in the western world. Students from different corners of the world prefer to visit this country to make their dreams come true. The best thing about completing your education from the Philippines is that you will feel at home; the Filipinos are amazing hosts, and they will treat you like family. So, there is no need to worry about completing your education outside the country.

For Indian students, MBBS in Philippines has always been the first choice, and it comes with several advantages. The list includes:

  • As per the Medical Council of India, the MD in the Philippines is approved and recognized the same as the course equivalent to MBBS. It maintains all the desired standards of medical education in your country.
  • You will be happy to hear that the medical universities in the Philippines are widely recognized throughout the world. They follow all the superior standards of education and are also recognized by WHO. Other than this, most of the Philippine College of medicine is also listed in the ECFMG and IMED medical education directories.
  • You will be happy to hear that Philippine medical colleges have professors from all different parts of the world. You can find many experienced personalities from the USA and India as well. These highly qualified professionals can guide students very well to make up for a bright future.
  • The medical colleges in Philippines are regulated by the Philippine ministry of education. They do not ask for any donations or additional fees for getting enrolled. You can save more on budget-friendly educational facilities without even worrying about the quality of education.
  • Philippine medicine colleges follow the reputed and trusted US education system. Hence, students from different corners of the world will not face any barriers to education, and they can ensure high-quality education during complete tenure.
  • The professionals prefer to give all the instructions in the English language that are easier to understand for everyone. Hence, one can trust the quality of this education system.
  • They provide more practical exposure to the students so that they can learn better for a lifetime. Also, they have a high FMGE clearance ratio. The Philippines offers the best medical colleges abroad for Indian students.
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