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Materials needed for pyrography

Materials needed for pyrography

To make pyrography on wood, you mainly need pyrography and wood. You can find such equipment in the market. Just go to my pyrogravure website or a specialized store. But it is essential to consider several criteria to make your choice. Also Read: Fish Coloring Pages

The power

The power is the indicator of the heating time of the soldering iron. It is, therefore, a criterion that should not be overlooked. It is expressed in Watts. For this purpose, the higher it is, the faster the pyrographer reaches a suitable temperature to start burning. However, if it is possible to adjust the power for some accessories, several items are not adjustable. These are generally entry-level or mid-range pyrographers. These are not recommended if you want to have shades of intensity in your achievements.


To find ease in making your engravings, the pyrograph you use must be easy to maintain and use. For this, you must take into account its ergonomics. Apart from the ease of handling and use, the latter also considers the insulation of the pen. Indeed, it is an instrument that heats up, so you mustn’t feel any inconvenience related to the heat.

The accessories

Depending on the kit or bundle available, you usually find several additional items that can be included in the offer. For example, several tips with interchangeable tips can be included in the box to accompany the pyrographer. It can also be other parts such as supports to be engraved. Thus, depending on your tips, you can make more or less precise lines. You also need to consider the size of the power cable. Indeed, burning any medium requires being comfortable and having a cable long enough to be free to move.

Several options are open to you about the timber to use for pyrography. Among these, you will find free pallet wood for pyrography. However, it is necessary to ensure that it does not contain any chemicals and is well sanded. Indeed, if you opt for treated wood such as plywood or chipboard, the chemicals it contains may be released into the air.

This is usually due to contact with heat. Also, beware of varnished wood, which is full of toxic products. It is recommended to use pure wood. You will find several varieties on the market at affordable prices.


There is a methodology to follow to make pyrography on wood using a pyrographer. First, you need to start by sanding the surface of the wood to prepare it for engraving. For this, the support must be uniform. Then wipe with a rag to get rid of the sawdust created by the sanding.

Your support is thus ready to receive the engraving. All that remains is to prepare your iron with the appropriate tip and wait for the heating time. Then, make yourself comfortable, and make sure you are very stable with your support placed on a hard and flat surface. Start by making small successive touches and not emitting too much pressure on the wood. Thus, your drawing will gain precision.

It must be said that pyrography is a meticulous art. For this reason, gentle but steady pressure is recommended. The more time you spend on an area with your Woodburner, the more the wood will tend to darken. It is also recommended to start your engraving by engraving in the direction of the grain. So arrange your support by positioning it downwards.

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