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Managing a Dedicated Software Development Team

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a technique to outsource personnel, particularly for web development. With the constant development of new software and hardware-based technologies, traditional in-house IT departments can find it challenging to stay up to date. These developments necessitate a flexible approach to personnel. This allows you to adapt your business quickly and prevent technology changes from being left behind by your competitors. With a dedicated development team, the company works with external outsourcers to help develop the best development team for your company’s IT work.

This approach combines cost, talent development, and dedication to guarantee a fair working environment for all stakeholders. Then, depending on the development work your company needs, you can form the perfect team to complete your project.

Key Advantage of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


Hiring a committed improvement group can assist your commercial enterprise store on many one-of-a-kind expenses. These can consist of such charges as:

  • Office area hiring
  • Hiring expenses
  • Training and onboarding
  • Other criminal charges

These expenses frequently accompany the conventional strategies of hiring groups of builders. However, thanks to the far-off nature of hiring committed improvement groups, many of those expenses are eliminated without the want to compromise on the nice of labor produced. Another super gain and cost-saving factor of hiring committed improvement groups is the truth that in case you wish, functional groups are equipped to go without you having to collect them yourself. You describe the paintings and the form of the task and are immediately supplied with a group of specialists. This takes the time and expenses out of hand-choosing group contributors yourself. The most direct cost worried in this manner is paying the natural builders themselves. This is commonly primarily based totally on an hourly or day-by-day rate. This permits the pay scale to be adjusted and speedy, relying on the paintings that wish to do. This allows them to streamline your charges and may store your agency a widespread sum of money withinside the lengthy run.

How to Manage a Remote Development Team?

This is a list of recommendations for forming a dedicated software development team. The more you implement, the better your workflow. Keep in mind that offshore managers can do much of this work on a dedicated team.

Communicate daily and effectively

We hold daily meetings to track progress and keep everyone up to date. Invite everyone to share your screen so they can easily reach you using voice and video calls and help others understand the explanation faster.

 It’s perfect if you find time to meet a dedicated team (at least key developers and managers) in real life. This helps motivate the team and share the company’s values.

Schedule well

At this point, it is essential to have at least a couple of hours of overlap for all office-to-office communications. Meet at the same time every day so that everyone is ready. Keep meetings short and business-like.

Try splitting the entire project into smaller parts. It’s more productive to do in stages, and it’s easier to control small amounts of the work.

Provide all the data

Notify the team of all requirements and essential information. When important details are revealed after the work is completed, development and release will be slowed down, and the dedicated team will be discouraged. All decisions and results for each meeting should be documented and available to all team members.

Choose user-friendly soft

Text messages, calls, screen sharing, time tracking, and task management become your daily tasks. Your job is to keep it as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

 Here are some valuable tools for managing your software development team:

  •  Text communication: Slack, Flowdock, Yammer
  •  Audio and video calls: Skype, Google Hangouts
  •  Screen sharing: Join.me, Mikogo, ScreenLeap
  •  Time Tracking: Harvest, Freckles, Time Doctor, Function Fox
  •  To-Do List: Trello, I Done This, Wunderlist
  •  Project management: Apollo, Basecamp, ProofHub, Taskworld
  •  File management: Dropbox, Github, Google Drive
  •  Co-authoring and sketching: Canva for Work, Dee Kit, Evernote

The bottom line

As with the new ones, managing a remote team of software developers can be difficult at first. However, once you establish the proper work process, you will find that a dedicated team can get high-quality products faster and cheaper. If need be, hire full stack developer in the team as well.

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