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Man Guarding Services by CISS

Man guarding is the best way to ensure safety and minimize the losses for your business. CISS is one of the best security services in India. You cannot run your business without physically guarding. It would be easy if you had a physical guard taking care of security services. Manned guards are directly or indirectly responsible for accessing the person entering the location. In layman’s terms, we can say manned guarding is the security that protects the property from trespassing and thefts. 

It is one of the most proactive security services. It involves placing security guards at your premises. The manned guarding security services are much more than a security patrol of your premises. Our security guards are well trained and ensure you have a professional security officer managing your properties. There are some responsibilities that a CISS security guard will make sure they follow, and that is what makes them stand out from the rest.

It is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to security. We aim to prevent damage, disorder, or theft. 

Here are some benefits of choosing manned guarding: 

  1. A team of well-trained security guards can protect your property from thefts, vandalism, and assault. They monitor everything with CCTV covering a wide area, and they take control of any situation before it gets out of hand. The presence of physical security keeps miscreants away from your property. 
  2. These security guards are professionally trained and equipped with the latest tools and devices. Manned security guarding ensures the safety and security of you and your employees. 
  3. Choosing a manned guard will provide you with specifically trained security on your premises, enabling them to tackle the risk specifically to you and your business. The security risks and concerns vary depending upon the nature and size of the company. 
  4. It provides safety and security and is the first touchpoint to your customer services. Manned guards are the one who guides them to the respective departments or areas. It gives a positive impression on your clients. 
  5. They are very useful when there are unrest or labour strikes. They manage to minimize damage during unrest and strike. If things go out of control or raise the alarm, the security personnel can prevent damage to the infrastructure and machinery within your premises. They would assess the situation and avoid unauthorized access or misconduct. 
  6. Manned guards ensure a quick response to unwanted or violent events. They can control and mitigate the scenario before the law officials or police arrivals. Businesses can experience heavy losses in business because it takes time to report the event and for police to arrive at the scene. So, the Manned Guarding personnel’s presence would minimize the damage by quick response time.
  7. The right attitude is what sets us apart from other competitors. Our clients are satisfied with our exceptional security services. We recognized our security personnel’s efforts by rewarding them for their efforts. 
  8. We ensure our team is fully prepared with proper equipment, uniforms, and devices to conduct their manned guarding duties for any weather or any situation. 
  9. There are no restrictions on the number of security personnel on-premises. They can prevent threats by being in civil dress or disguise. 
  10. Manned guarding is an investment for high-profile locations because insurance companies provide discounts to sites with this level of protection. Insurance companies know that manned guarding helps reduce vandalism, thefts, or other anti-social activity. 

At CISS, we invest time and money to recruit the best and most ideal security guard who will suit both site and client’s needs. Even though we are using more and more technology globally, manned guarding will not lose its place anytime soon. We invest in our security personnel, providing them with special training and coaching beyond the minimum job. You cannot leave any gaps open; security is essential for your business. Hence connect with CISS Ltd. experts and secure your business.

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