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Major Reasons- Stress Hair Loss and its Treatment?

Hair loss due to stress is a common occurrence these days. The surprising fact is that it is affecting the younger adults as well. In the US, many individuals0 suffer from stress-related hair loss. It is undeniable that stress and hair loss are related to each other. So, hair loss due to stress is inevitable and can appear in several forms. This is a bad fact about the stress that causes loss of hair. But the good fact is that such hair loss is temporary and can be reversed. So, in this post, you will know how stress can cause hair loss. You will also know about the possible treatments for this condition.

Hair loss caused by stress

When it comes to knowing the major impact of stress hair loss, the research always proclaims the name of TE. It is known as Telogen Effluvium, which is major stress-induced hair loss. This condition can cause hair loss in large volumes. It can push the hair follicles to the rest phase and cause them to fall out in a few months. In many cases, this concern can be treated naturally. But the treatment can take longer than can reach 100 days. So, no treatment is generally required for TE. However, this problem does not need a surgical hair implant to regrow the hairs.

What triggers TE or stress hair loss?

There are many reasons for stress in life. But not all of those reasons cause hair loss. For example, you may have stress related to your work and career. But this condition cannot lead to TE because it is not severe. TE is the result of severe mental trauma that is influenced by shock and emotional stress. You can become a victim of chronic stress in case of childbirth, an accident, surgical procedure, death of a loved one, and chronic disease. All these conditions can lead to telogen effluvium (TE). So, you must understand to what extent hair loss due to stress can occur.

Ways to treat stress-related hair loss

As mentioned earlier that such hair loss usually does not require surgical intervention. So, here are some helpful tips that you can follow to reverse TE.

Healthy diet

Diet can play a pivotal role in improving your overall health and hair. As per expert hair surgeons, malnutrition can lead to the weakness of hairs and cause them to fall out abnormally. Therefore, you must pay attention to your diet to improve your hair’s health. Eggs, salmon, pulses, fruits, nuts, and milk are essential diets that can help your hair to get stronger. So, by adding them to your routine diet, you can reverse stress-related hair loss.


Platelet-rich plasma can work greater to reverse the impact of telogen effluvium. Although the problem can cure itself, if you are experiencing hair thinning due to TE, then PRP is good. You can get plasma shots from a hair surgeon to give a new life to hair follicles. Platelet-rich plasma has millions of growth factors that can help the hairs to grow faster. It can heal the damage caused by TE and can rejuvenate hair cells for thicker growth.

Stress management

Stress management is the best way to treat stress-related hair loss. So, it is better to engage yourself in some physical activities and exercises. You should prevent yourself from a lazy routine that can bring negativity into your mind. So, doing yoga, exercise, and physical workout can help you in managing stress. This can speed up the recovery process from TE, and you can gain regrowth of hairs effectively.

To Sum up

Hair loss due to stress is temporary but must not be ignored. So, consult a professional now and let the stress not ruin your hair’s health. The shortly you address the issue with a hair surgeon, the better you will get results. A surgeon can provide you with medicine prescriptions to treat the stress. Moreover, you can reverse the impact of TE by following the above-mentioned tips.

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