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Lumina Luxe Face Cream Review – Anti-Aging Cream And Facial Moisturizer!

So, why are so many people talking about Lumina Luxe Face Cream? What makes this electric facial cleansing brush so different from all the others available on the market? Are the benefits really as amazing as people say? If you find yourself reading this article, I can assume you’re wondering some of the same things as me about Lumina Luxe Face Cream!

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First of all, if you are not familiar with this brand and want to find out more, you should check out one of my previous articles where you can read my review of the products. It’s been four years since I wrote this article, and to this day I still swear by the Lumina Luxe Face Cream, which just goes to show how satisfied I am with Lumina Luxe Face Cream!

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What is the Lumina Luxe Face Cream?

Quick answer : Lumina Luxe Face Cream is a complete care device that cleanses the skin on your face. It can be used by both men and women.

Detailed answer : This pretty little device is both rechargeable and waterproof. Its counter-rotating head has been specifically designed to ensure maximum contact with your skin.

Why use silicone for a facial cleansing brush? Because this material is more hygienic than the bristles found on other facial brushes and is also easier to clean and replace.

Lumina Luxe Face Cream’s  patented Two-Sense Motion technology cleanses and revitalises skin. The precise frequency and movement of the device have been specifically designed to work with Lumina Luxe Face Cream two specially formulated cleansers : Activating Cleansers and IdealEyes.

What are the benefits of Lumina Luxe Face Cream?

There are so many ! The number one benefit is of course younger looking skin or maintaining your skin’s natural youthfulness if, like me, you start to use this product before signs of aging appear.

And since numbers often speak louder than words, here are  the results of a study carried out by Lumina Luxe Face Cream:

– Skin is 37 % smoother after just one use

– Skin is 37 % softer after just one use

– Skin appears twice as clean after 12 weeks

– Skin is 62 % more radiant after 12 weeks

– Appearance of pores is reduced

– Skin is clearer and more radiant

– Complexion is found to be visibly fresher

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Here, I should point out that the Lumina Luxe Face Cream isn’t designed to treat sagging skin. While it can improve the skin’s elasticity, if you want a product that will really improve this aspect of your skin, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age LOC Galvanic Spa is another fabulous Lumina Luxe Face Cream technology that will better fit your needs.

How to use Lumina Luxe Face Cream

Apply the cleansing gel to your skin and use this device for two minutes, twice a day. The  « smart » device prompts you after 30 seconds to move to another area of your face.

As we all know how important it is to use technologies correctly in order to achieve the desired results, I have decided to offer : 

Free Lumina Luxe beauty consultations. These will take place via Zoom and give you the opportunity to talk to a skin care professional who can give you great advice and tips

How much does Lumina Luxe Face Cream cost?

I am not allowed to disclose the price of the Lumina Luxe Face Cream and its associated products here so I invite you to reach out to me by email: gorgeouswithsophie@gmail.com

I’ll also be able to let you know if there’s currently a private sale going on and how to enjoy it!

Can Lumina Luxe Face Cream be used on other parts of the body?

No, the Lumina Luxe Face Cream can only be used on the face, it was not designed to be used on other parts of the body.

If you want to improve the quality of the skin on the rest of your body, reduce cellulite and get rid of stretch marks… You can use the Galvanic Body Spa which has been designed for this purpose.

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My review of the Lumina Luxe Face Cream

Considering how long and detailed this article is, you can probably guess that my review of this brush is extremely positive! Honestly, this product had me convinced after the first usage, and since then, I’ve used it every single day.

As a woman under the age of 30 who suffers from adult acne, I decided to buy this product for two reasons : to take care of my skin now to prevent it worsening in the future, and to be done with my acne once and for all.

The person who introduced me to Lumina Luxe Face Cream explained the miraculous effects that Lumina Luxe Face Cream had had on her own adult acne. And after seeing her skin free from even the slightest sign of blemishes, I was convinced! And since then I haven’t looked back, because I noticed results in no time at all! I think these before/after photos speak for themselves :

How to order your Lumina Luxe Face Cream

Sign up as a new customer on the Lumina Luxe Face Cream website.

Fill in your details and place your order, Your order will be delivered to you in few working days. Rush Now!

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