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Local SEO and Digital PR: how do they work together?

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If until a few years ago Digital PR and SEO , both local and non-local, were seen as separate and irreconcilable activities, today their integration is the key to an effective digital strategy .

The management of digital relationships and the optimization of contents, in fact, can be the protagonists of a single strategy in order to obtain benefits and excellent results in terms of positioning and visibility of your website.

Local SEO and Digital PR: how to integrate them?

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website for local results within search engines . If SEO aims to improve the positioning of a website, its Local version performs the same process, but in a local key in relation to a search carried out for a specific location or area of ​​interest.

Digital PR , on the other hand, aims to improve and maintain a company’s online reputation by building ad hoc relationships. This is possible thanks to online activities aimed at promoting products, services and events related to a specific brand.

It is therefore possible to state that Digital PR and SEO are two strictly connected activities because they are aimed at achieving the same goal with different tools, i.e. increasing the visibility of a business activity and placing it among the top results of search engines.

In the context of a Local SEO and Digital PR campaign, for example, not so much the social profile of an influencer as the authority and coherence of the site or blog with which you want to collaborate is important to increase brand awareness and notoriety. of the company.

How to do Digital PR for Local SEO

If once we tried to acquire as many links as possible to increase the ranking of a website, today the situation has changed: this practice, if carried out inconsistently, can lead a site to be authoritative in the eyes of search engines, but with a forced positioning. Google , in fact, has then penalized the sites that have trod the hand too much with artificial links, rewarding instead a more natural link acquisition.

Today more than ever, small-medium businesses need to position themselves correctly from a geo-localized point of view in order to be found as easily as possible following a query relating to a location From this point of view, Digital PR can be very useful for receiving inbound links, creating solid and valuable relationships that pay off in the long run, gaining significantly in online authority.

Doing public relations online, in fact, can lead to the creation of qualified and coherent contacts from the point of view of the contents with the company reality. For example, a very effective strategy is the writing of guest posts or content created for external blogs in exchange for backlinks to the author of the article. In this way, a virtuous circle is created in which the brand acquires visibility because it is hosted by an authoritative blog, while the latter receives optimized high quality content.

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Today it is essential to have a structured digital marketing strategy that combines the optimization of websites for search engines and Digital PR activities. The integration of Local SEO with Digital PR, in fact, is the key for all SMEs that can achieve excellent results in terms of visibility thanks to the creation of qualified relationships and a correct geo-localized positioning.

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