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List Of The Best Herbs For Improving Your Quality Of Sleep

Herbs are known to improve sleep. While sleep is not food, it is an essential part of survival. However, many Americans struggle to sleep enough to get a restful night’s sleep. Herbs that improve sleep can be applied to the palms and forehead to promote sleep. Herbs can also be applied to the chest, legs, and even the head to promote sleep. There are many ways to incorporate these herbs into your daily routine.

How Do Herbs Help You Sleep Better? 

The human body needs sleep to repair and restore. When we sleep, we wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we need a minimum of seven hours of sleep to function at a normal level. The average person spends about twenty-six hours of sleep a night, but for many Americans, this is simply not enough. There are ways to get a better night’s sleep without resorting to pharmaceuticals or expensive sleep aids.

Herbal sleep remedies may reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Practicing good sleep hygiene is another way to get more restful sleep. Bathe in warm water, brush your teeth, and read a book before bed. Stay away from caffeine and strenuous physical activity before bed. And, of course, stay away from heavy meals for dinner. But, there are many more effective natural methods of promoting sleep.

The Different Types Of Herbs For Improving Your Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, there are several different herbs you can try to help you relax and drift off to sleep. Lavender essential oil is an excellent way to help relax your body and muscles. Chamomile tea is a great option for relaxing the muscles and easing anxiety. You can also try a few drops of Passionflower essential oil or Nutmeg, which has relaxing properties. However, if you’re not sure about which herb to use, here are a few options.

Lavender oil

There are many different ways to apply lavender oil for sleep. Diffusers and bath salts are great for relaxing the body, but there are also other ways to apply lavender. Lavender oil can be added to lotion or hand cream. If you’d like to add it to your body wash, you can dilute it with carrier oils and use it as a body wash. If you want to apply it topically, consider rubbing it behind your ears.

Chamomile tea

Drinking chamomile tea to improve your sleep has been popular for decades. Its mild tranquilizing properties are attributed to the presence of apigenin, a substance in chamomile flowers that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. Although a small study of chamomile tea for insomnia has failed to show a significant improvement in sleep, the tea has a long history of being used for sleep.

Passionflower tea

This plant, which belongs to the Passifloraceae family, has been used by Native American Indians for centuries. Its sedative effects are attributed to a substance in the plant called chrysin. This compound binds to receptors in the brain and works similarly to GABA, an important neurotransmitter. It is commonly available as a capsule or tablet, and dried leaves can also be brewed into herbal tea.


Many people find that herbal remedies help them fall asleep. While sleep is not food, it is necessary for survival. And, yet, many people in the United States struggle to get a good night’s rest. Herbs can help improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia and other symptoms of insomnia. Read on to learn about the different types of herbs available. And, remember to practice good sleep hygiene. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm, brush your teeth, and read a book before bed. You should also avoid strenuous physical exercise, and try light stretching exercises before bed. Avoid eating heavy foods too close to bedtime, and try to limit your intake of salty and spicy foods before sleeping.

Valerian root

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Valerian root for improving your sleep. The herb contains compounds that are believed to decrease anxiety and promote sleep. One compound, valerenic acid, interacts with GABA receptors and promotes tranquility, which is associated with better sleep. Other compounds found in Valerian root include linarin and hesperidin, which are known for their sleep-enhancing properties.

California poppy

The benefits of the California poppy includes improving your sleep health that can alleviate anxiety and insomnia. Some herbalists recommend combining California poppy with other herbs, such as marshmallow root and chamomile. In the case of the California poppy, Dr. Aviva Romm suggests combining it with milky oats, marshmallow root, and chamomile. This combination will be most beneficial to those who experience frequent waking and insomnia.

Wild lettuce

There are several benefits of wild lettuce for improving sleep, and you can find it in many health foods and supplements. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is non-addictive. In modest amounts, it may stimulate consciousness and brain activity. While not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, it is also not good for those who are allergic to it. Wild lettuce can be taken in tea form, which is mildly soothing and tastes good.

The Final Verdict

Herbs for helping sleep are popular for a variety of reasons. For some, they relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Others, however, simply enjoy the smell of the herbs and think that they will help them sleep. In addition to using herbs to promote sleep, you can also practice good sleep hygiene, like taking a warm bath before bed and reading a book. You should also avoid caffeine after 2 pm, heavy meals, and strenuous exercise before bed.

Using herbs to aid sleep is a safe and natural way to improve your quality of rest. You can consult a physician if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medication. It is important to remember that herbal medicines are not the same as medications, so they can be harmful if misused.

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