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If you want your bridesmaids to look great on your wedding day, allow them to wear lehenga choli. Here are buying and styling tips to help you and the team


Bridesmaids are a key part of Indian weddings. They assist the bride in most operations to ensure the wedding ceremony goes on as scheduled and all expectations are met. If you are the bride, you must ensure that your bridesmaid team picks the right lehenga choli for the special day. But in some cases, you can let them decide on what to wear. But if you let them go for what they like, the team will likely wear different styles and colors, and they will not look as organized and beautiful as you may expect. Keep reading to learn how you can make your bridesmaid’s team look beautiful and organized at your wedding.

Buying Tips for Bridesmaid Lehenga Cholis 

  • First, discuss with the team – You want your wedding to look coordinated and well organized. To achieve that, maximum collaboration is expected between you and the bridesmaids. You should not dictate what lehenga choli designs and colors your team will wear. You should have a round-table discussion and choose the most appropriate bridesmaid outfits accepted by most members. Agree on colors, embroidery, and style. Remember to choose bright colors. Avoid white and black hues.
  • Choose fabric wisely – Because you have agreed on the colors and other details of the lehenga outfit, let the bridesmaids now choose the fabric based on their weight, season, and preference. As you know, some women will not like to wear a velvet lehenga during the summer or chiffon during the winter. If a bridesmaid wants something lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful, they should go for raw silk or georgette fabrics. These fabrics look luxurious and stylish, and your team will impress the crowd.
  • Get the ladies’ measurements and order from one store – A wedding is an expensive affair, and you don’t want to put too much financial burden on your bridesmaids. So you should get the measurements of the bridesmaids and other details so that you can order the lehenga cholis from one store online. Buying from one store will allow you to get discounts, allowing your team to save. Buying from one store also makes it easy to track the order, and in case of an issue, it will be easily dealt with. It is also very convenient to buy outfits from one online store.
  • Buy bridesmaid lehenga early – Whether you buy online or at the local store, you should ensure that the outfits are bought early enough. You don’t want a key member of the team to miss the wedding because their lehenga came in late or what was delivered was damaged, or generally, they didn’t like it. If the team considers a last-minute buy, they can get disappointed when they find that the local stores don’t have the recommended lehenga choli designs for the wedding. So they will be forced to wear different outfits, and they will look awkward on such a special occasion.

Bridesmaid Lehenga Choli Styling Tips

There are many lehenga choli styling and accessorizing tips that will help Indian wedding bridesmaids look elegant and stylish. Here are some tips to ensure they stand out:

Bridesmaid Lehenga Choli
  1. Drape the Dupatta Properly 

A lehenga choli is incomplete if it doesn’t include a dupatta. And bridesmaids should ensure that their dupattas are draped properly to achieve an elegant, unique, and uniform look. It is advisable to ask a designer to assist the team. Most designers know different dupatta draping styles that will make the team stand out. 

  1. Wear Jewelry 

Jewelry is key when styling and accessorizing bridal and bridesmaid lehenga cholis. So your bridesmaid’s team should wear jewelry depending on the embroidery work on the outfits. They can wear statement necklaces paired with matching earrings. Alternatively, they can wear simple necklaces and match them with hanging earrings. Additionally, they can wear bracelets or bangles. They should keep it simple not to overshadow the bride.

  1. Have Classy Clutch

A clutch will make a bridesmaid look refined and organized. The clutch comes in handy to carry make-up, mobile phone, debit/credit cards, deodorant, mints, tissues, and other personal belongings. The bridesmaid should have the freedom of carrying a preferred clutch, but it should complement the lehenga choli.

  1. Wear Comfortable, Brightly-Colored Shoes

Bridesmaids have the freedom to wear their preferred shoes. But you should advise them to wear comfortable shoes. Tell them they will walk a lot during the day and need lightweight and well-fitting shoes. Although the shoes may not be visible if they wear floor-sweeping lehengas, they should still wear brightly colored or embroidered shoes like Punjabi jutti or other flat shoes. 

  1. Makeup Will Make Bridesmaid Standout

After styling the hair and wearing the lehenga choli, the bridesmaids should wear makeup. You should hire makeup artists to assist with this task. The artists will apply makeup based on one’s skin tone and outfit color. So, in the end, all the bridesmaids will look amazingly beautiful. This will ensure you have the best wedding photos for memories.

Bridesmaid Lehenga Choli

Expert Tips to Bridesmaids 

If you are part of the bride’s team, know that you should support the bride in different ways. As you know, an Indian wedding can be exhausting for the bride, and that is why she has you and other girls. Be ready to supply snacks and water to the bride and assist the bride when needed. You are also required to assist the guests. Additionally, get ready to make the ceremonies as exciting as possible by looking beautiful and keeping everyone in the right mood. Also, bring your flat shoes and dance moves.


When selecting a bridesmaid team for your Indian wedding, you should only include trusted and helpful ladies. Such a team will ensure that you get all the necessary support you need before, during, and even after the wedding. Additionally, the team will make an effort to get the recommended bridesmaid lehenga choli and wear it properly. Remember to buy the bridesmaid outfits a few weeks before the wedding. But if purchasing them online, place your order a few months before the wedding.



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