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Learn how to sell by Instagram captions!

Knowing how to sell on Instagram is still a challenge for many retailers, especially those with limited media skills.

However, some see this challenge as an obstacle, while others see an opportunity to study, learn more, and stand out.

If you’re here, I suppose you’re the type to always be learning more.

And, to help you sell more on Instagram, I have separated some tips to make your subtitles much more attractive and profitable.

Selling on Instagram: 7 tips to earn more through your subtitles

If you want to know how to sell on Instagram, you need to dedicate yourself to writing better, more attractive, and more profitable captions.

Unfortunately, I still see many shopkeepers who lose the opportunity to sell, when they post anything, just by posting.

How many posts do you see out there of pieces without any relevant information, that stimulates the purchase? I often get posts with just an emoji.

Tell me, will that arouse the urge to buy from someone? Certainly not.

To be more assertive! Check out the tips to optimize your Instagram captions and start selling more on Instagram.

Have well-written captions

If you want to sell on Instagram, you need to have strategic captions that attract your customers.

That means having well-written captions. Both visually and in the Portuguese question ( don’t make mistakes in Portuguese, this can compromise your credibility! ).

To make it easier for users to read and make the caption more attractive and “beautiful” visibly, a tip is to use emojis and the invisible character.

The invisible character is used to skip lines without having to use dots or dashes, among other things. You can see examples on Instagram.

To use the invisible character, copy the space between the arrows >> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ << (only the space BETWEEN them, not the arrows). Then write your caption as normal and paste that character into the space that will separate each line/paragraph.

A super tip, huh?

Speak clearly about your product

Promoting your products is essential for you who want to increase your sales on Instagram. Unfortunately, I still see many shopkeepers “afraid to sell”.

But beware: it is not enough to just put photos and wait for interested customers to fall to sell your products.

Use subtitles strategically in your favor and give as much information as possible: sizes, varieties, differentials, combinations, price (let’s talk about that already) …

Also, take quality photos of your product. This is VERY IMPORTANT for you who want to sell on Instagram.

Put the price

To speed up your sales on Instagram, try to skip as many steps as possible.

So, I will indicate what I indicate to my students: put the price on your posts!

Of course, that is my opinion and in your business, you are in charge.

But I think so: if you’re on Instagram, and want to sell, why hide the price? If you had a website and sold through the website, wouldn’t the prices be there for everyone to see? Then…

People buy on impulse, especially when the product is fashionable! Then between sending the price question, waiting for the answer and still hearing one: “I’m going to send you by direct”, is to ask to lose the sale!

Either the person gives up, or buys from the competitor … because sometimes he doesn’t even know where the “direct” is!

But be careful: there are caveats, as is the case with wholesalers! Who sells wholesale should never disclose the price because it hinders the reseller. ⠀

Use hashtags correctly

When you know how to make the right use of strategic hashtags, selling on Instagram is much easier.

Here are some tips: avoid generic hashtags and bet on hashtags that make sense for your business, audience, and product being advertised.

Think with your customer’s head!

Another tip is to create your own hashtag for your store, to use in all your posts (accompanied by specific hashtags of the product you are going to disclose, of course).

Need tips on finding the best hashtags for your business? Then click here.

Have CTA on all posts

To sell on Instagram, you need to think about each post strategically.

That is, to have a goal with each content you disseminate.

And based on that goal, you need to make a CTA, a call to action. In ALL of your posts.

Basically, a call to action will lead your customer to the next step he has to take, which can be: calling you direct, contacting you on WhatsApp to find out more, buying your product, etc.

Never miss a call to action!

Strategic link

Selling on Instagram is different from selling on Facebook, for example.

One reason is that on Instagram you are unable to add links to your post. The only place you can have a link is in your bio.

That is why I hit the “ having a strategic description ” key so much. It can make all the difference to your sales!

And something that cannot be missing in your biography is a strategic link, which will take your client to a certain location, such as:

  • your site
  • your Facebook page
  • your WhatsApp
  • a blog of looks tips
  • your catalog, among others.

“ But, can I just put a link? ” Yes and no. I’m gonna explain!

Instagram only allows you to place a single link in the description. However, there are ways for you to place multiple links in a single link.

I’m talking about a tool:

This is a valuable tip, which many shopkeepers are still unaware of. And I indicate a lot that you know, especially if you have several important links that can be inserted in your bio.

Don’t focus ONLY on selling

To sell on Instagram, you can’t just focus on selling.

Maybe you think I’m going crazy lol, but I’ll explain!

If you show up on Instagram just wanting to sell, sell and sell, your customers may end up not paying attention to you.

Instead, produce content focused on helping them. That is, listen carefully to what your customers are looking for and need, and use this to your advantage to take a more assertive approach.

Give tips on looks for different occasions, best options for each body type, colors for the day and night, etc. And show that you have the right product.

Basically, “sell without looking like you just want to sell”.

Extra Tip: Post daily

If you want to sell on Instagram, you need to be consistent in all your actions. That means posting daily.

Without frequency and consistency, even the best strategies will go wrong.

So insist and dedicate yourself, because the results will not appear overnight.

But I know that as an entrepreneur, it is difficult to dedicate yourself properly to social networks. And I have two tips to help you with this job.

The first is to have an editorial calendar to organize your posts for the week and the month. So you can even schedule all your posts for the entire month in a single day.

And it is much easier to manage everything.

The second tip is to hire a Virtual Fashion Assistant to help you manage your Instagram and work alongside you to boost your sales.

Some shopkeepers are afraid to invest in Virtual Assistants, but the truth is that this partnership can be very profitable when it comes to attracting customers and selling more.

Are you a shopkeeper and are looking for a Virtual Assistant to help you with the tasks of your business and thus be free to focus on other things?

How to Create Campaigns and Increase Your Sales on Instagram and WhatsApp

If you want to sell on Instagram, boost the results of your business or end up with out-of-stock in your store, you need to know how to create strategic campaigns.

And, believe me, it can be much easier than you think!

However, I know that many shopkeepers find it difficult when it comes to sales campaigns.

But I also know how to help you! And I really want you to be able to sell on Instagram and WhatsApp, much more than you sell today.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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