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Lamb Fur Pouf

A typical floor pillow, or Lamb Fur Pouf, consists of cotton batting or buckwheat hulls enclosed in a zipper case. Also known as a zafu, these floor pillows are a Japanese invention used as a bolster in meditation. Placed under the bottom, these floor pillows helped people to meditate without their legs falling asleep from sitting in the cross-legged position. These pillows have been around for ages and have recently taken off in popularity around the world- and for a good reason!

Lamb Fur Poufs are great to put under your bottom when you meditate, but they also make great seats! How? Floor pillows have very few parts to clutter up your house since they’re just one big Pouf of comfort. Poufs can be easily moved anywhere in your home; there’s no more worrying about where to sit down to eat, play games, read books, or whatever else you might want to do with it.

These Lamb Fur Poufs are the most luxurious way to decorate your space and can be paired with other pieces from our collection. Lamb Fur Poufs create a charming atmosphere that is calming while adding character to your space.

This sheepskin pillow/Lamb Fur Pouf is super soft and comfortable for your home’s decor. It’s a fun way to add unique seating to any room.

Features of Lamb Fur Pouf


22″W x 22″D x 17″H

Seat Height: 15.75″


  • Upholstery: 
  • 100% Lamb Fur
  • Polyester Bean Fill


Available in black, white, and gray colors.

Inside Filling of Lamb Fur Pouf

A Lamb Fur Pouf is somewhat similar to a Floor Pillow. The top of the Lamb Fur Poufs can be made with different kinds of fabric. While the lower or base part may consist of either solid materials like wood, cork, plastic (for washable poufs), or rubber. These pieces are stuffed with cattail fluff, rice hulls, reeds, buckwheat hulls, and other stuffing similar to this kind.  Lamb Fur Poufs are great if you avoid going for the super-soft ones filled with down or memory foam. These material types will collapse immediately under your weight. Since a Floor Pouf’s cushioning depends on the amount of pressure exerted on it, this imbalance can cause discomfort. Opt for high quality Lamb Fur Poufs for the best experience.

Larger Pouf

Some Floor poufs have legs attached to them to be a bit more stable than the standard ones. But they aren’t as sturdy as a chair or stool. They’re usually easy to move from place to place. Of course, there is a good reason for this because you don’t intend on your Lamb Fur Pouf being permanent. It should be easy for someone else to move it from place to place. People love placing these in living rooms where their practical and soothing attributes become apparent quickly!

Small Pouf

While low-profile Floor Poufs can be easily moved around, these are less comfortable than a chair or stool. Due to their size, they are easier to store and can add quick additional seating to any living room.

Different Shapes of Poufs

There are many different styles and shapes of poufs. The circular and cylindrical poufs are preferable because they provide the best support for your back. Poufs are more adaptable to fit your body depending on how you’re sitting. Additionally, when it comes to specific types of seating, the low-profile appearance allows you to sit in multiple positions or they might continue being used as a footrest.

Is The Lamb Fur Pouf Machine Washable

Because a pouf rests on the floor, it’s more likely to become dirty compared to your average chair because it gets used more frequently. Instead of sending this little piece of furniture to an early grave by being washed in the washing machine, please take off the removable outer shell and wash it separately. Send the rest of your Lamb Fur Pouf to a professional cleaner or have them steam clean it. The key is that there are options to make sure this seat remains stain-free even long after you invest in it.


This addition to your home is more than a suitable place to rest your bottom or feet; it also adds some flair that isn’t usually there in most homes. So if you’re looking for a pop culture-inspired accent in your living room or foyer, then the Lamb Fur Pouf will meet those expectations!


Comfortable and versatile enough to sit on but also easy to move. It is considered a background piece that can be used in almost any room, from living rooms and offices to the bedroom or guest room. It blends well with other furniture, making it possible to create complementary groupings around the home.

Soft and puffed up but solid, the Lamb Fur Pouf comes in handy in many rooms, but they’re often only seen in living rooms or traditional bedrooms and guest rooms. The Lamb Fur Pouf blends easily with other furniture like couches—often used as an accessory.

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