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Lamar Van Dusen, An Icon in the Business Industry - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Lamar Van Dusen, An Icon in the Business Industry

Lamar Van Dusen is an emerging talented individual offering his help, services, and assistance in management, finance, and accounting. He is a Canada-based entrepreneur.


Lamar Van Dusen basic service is his services as director at the Phoenix management. This is an accounting and financial management agency. It is based in Ontario, Canada. This firm offers every service ranging from consultancy to bookkeeping. They also serve in the fields of advertisements and business strategies.

He is an essential and rising member of the business community of Ontario. He has a vast experience in the corporate sector and in managing finances. He has served in various fields. His services are in financial analysis, business marketing, staffing, sourcing, and sales.


Me. Lamar has completed his education in marketing and business administration from Saint Clair college. He has also done graduation with a degree in commerce from Windsor University.

Early Endeavors:

After completing his education, he stepped into the World of business practices. He has also served in advance presentation products as the Vice President of sales. He gained immense experience and had exposure in the field of sales. He got the heck of presentation and how to persuade people to buy your goods and services. He has done an excellent job as a Vice President of sales as during his tenure, the company’s sales went from sixty thousand to one crore. 10,000,000/was the gross revenue of deals with the help of the sales team, which was working under his leadership and assistance.

Phoenix Management:

Lamar van Dusen paved the basis of The Phoenix management in 2010. He was serving his clients in establishing the business. He helps his clients in forming a complete business plan. He also served to secure the resources for the owners of independent firms. This was a side business along with his own company.

As he owned the company, the Phoenix management expanded its roots, and he started offering clients more and more services. He then raised his business and started offering complete bookkeeping services to corporate accounting. In the Phoenix management, he provided his clients his assistance and experienced help in financial consultancy, business management, writing business plans, taxes, loans for small businesses, and taking grants from the government and services for strategic advisory.

The Staff At The Phoenix Management:

Mr. Lamar has official staff and a physical office as well. He kept full-time staff in the office. He has Two CPAs, two people for administrative duties, and two bookkeepers. With the cooperation of the whole team, Mr. Lamar manages to handle a diverse and extensive range of clients.

Charges And Feel At The Phoenix Management:

The flat monthly fee structure is Phoenix management’s essential and renowned aspect. The company, company takes the one-time monthly fee. This one-time monthly fee makes the bookkeeping and the process of accounting for business owners much simpler and more accessible. The clients also show interest because paying a one-time monthly fee reduces the risk of hidden charges, additional fees, and extra costs. Under the supervision of Lamar Van Dusen, the phonics management is offering extraordinary services with a unique concept in the accounting industry. Mr. Lamar has introduced this concept quite interestingly.

Involvement In The National Business Industry:

Mr. Lamar Van Dusen is an active and essential representative and a member of Canadian professional organizations. This shows his interest in the national business industry. He is an active member of the Canada chamber of commerce and the Canadian Council for aboriginal business.

What Does LaMar Do In His Free Time?

Mr. Lamar never likes to waste his precious time being an active business person. He keeps on taking part in physical activities of his choice. He likes to play football. He also wants to stay healthy and in shape, so, for this purpose, he completes his workout training at the Gym almost four days a week. He also likes to spend quality time with players. He spends his time coaching his son’s football team and coaches them about the tactics and rules of the game. He also likes to go on fishing trips, which are rare for him due to his busy schedule. He supports Camp bucko. Camp bucko serves in Ontario and helps the burnt child victims within the age range of 7 to 17.

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