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Lamar Van Dusen – A Helping Hand For Small Entrepreneurs

Who is Lamar Van Dusen?

Lamar Van Dusen is a Canadian based entrepreneur who has founded his firm to help out the entrepreneurs in their initial business journey. He has founded his company named as The Phoenix Management at Ontario, Canada and is helping the  business newbies in their initial business endeavours.

Lamar Van Dusen’s point of view:

The biggest issue in a startup business is finance. Along with finance, the  professional assistance is the main key, which helps a business catch to the strong grip over its business area. According to Lamar Van Dusen, many business fields are exposed to the hazard of non-professional attitude as well as emotional decision of racing with the bigger businesses.

Contribution of Lamar Van Dusen in helping small business owners:

Lamar Van Dusen helps the small business owners by  three ways. These ways are illustrated in the following lines:

1.       He offers them his accelerator programme.

2.       He offers small business owners his free consultancy and advisory services.

3.       He offers financial help and assistance to the entrepreneurs and small business owners.

 He has enabled many small business owners in terms of finance as well as advisory services. He offers many of his services totally free of cost. Being a reader, you must be wondering about why he gives his services free of cost?

The reason behind this action is definitely not fame or gaining popularity. He is already a popular figure in Canada as well as successful businessman who has gained reputation and wealth at the same time. The basic motive behind the free services is to help the small business owners to show the right path to the small business owners.

Lamar Van Dusen has a special attraction for small business owners who like to change their fate and peruse their dreams with small capital investment. He does not want their dreams to be ruined just because of financial crises or lack of professional assistance. He has also grown from the soil of small business owners so, he understands the struggles, hindrences and issues of small business owners. Being an entrepreneur, he has also come up with the unique idea of getting paid by the people who have capital investments while offering free services to the ones who deserve to be assisted.

How Lamar Van Dusen helps the small business owners and newbies?

Lamar Van Dusen has contributed in the success and prosperity of small business at a general level. He has a love for small business and entrepreneurs which makes him one of the most leading accelerator holders as well as popular figure among the small business owners. He has put forward almost all kinds of facilities that can make the small business owners more comfortable in their journey.

Tax System:

Another problem, according to Lamar Van Dusen; that has to be coped up by entrepreneurs and small business owners is navigation of tax system. Another problem that is accompanied with this issue is; entrepreneurs and small business owners find it really difficult to find and make the cases for getting capital resources that can purposefully help their business to grow by leaps and  bounds.

According to Lamar Van Dusen, it is a tough job to cover and successfully pursue all aspects of business. He has handled and faced all problems so, he has a better idea of dealing with the issues. To make the journey easy for the upcoming entrepreneurs, he has  enabled himself to construct a firm that can help people with full based financial as well as accounting services. His firm also has a heck in offering advisory services.

Flat Free Services:

A notable thing done by the Phoenix Management  for the contributing in successful pathway of entrepreneurs is flat free accounting services. The flat free services excludes the hindrances of hidden costs and extra charges asked by the accelerator’s team. According to Lamar Van Dusen, inspite of free services, professional help as well as guidance, many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not avail accelerators and are reluctant to step out of the traditional zone built by the  general community of small business owners.

According to Lamar Van Dusen, nearly 40 percent small business owners in North America do not even use an accountant separately. The small business which use outside accountant do not properly use them. The small business using outside accountant for financial planning ranges up to 33 percent only. Only 25 percent of them use outside account for business consultation.

Outside Accountancy:

 Lamar Van Dusen further adds that an outside account can vary; depending upon the nature and requirement of business plan. The advisory can range  from qualified bookkeeping to CPAs, tax code consultants, banking professionals and many more niches where small business owners can construct a relationship of trust.

Accurate And On Point Financing:

According to Lamar Van Dusen, the biggest challenge any small business owner faces is accurate and on point financing. The financing do not seem to be to biggest problem when banks and many other financial institutions offer loans. These loans have conditions that seems to be quite inappropriate for the small business owners. The accelerators, on the other hand offer the money on equity basis which is quite convenient for  the business owners.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Lamar Van Dusen is a social worker, philanthropist, a helping hand, a mentor as well as a successful businessman at the same time. He has the accurate knowledge that from where he can earn money and where he has to offer free consultancy. He offers all kinds of advisory as well as financial support and help to the people who are in dire need to be assisted by the professionals of the field. 



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