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Kolaghat: ‘Lakshmi’ of son’s family by selling grain

Many fruit and grain traders have set up stalls in the hope of extra income on the day of Jamaishthi. But in his case, there is no special day. Whether it is winter or summer, he can be seen sitting with grain every day at Pirtala in the old market area of ​​Kolaghat. She is Lakshmi Maiti. If you just say that, maybe the whole thing is not said. Lakshmi’s age has crossed one hundred. But even at this age, like five other traders, he was selling grain in the market. The baton of his only son’s family is still in his hands. Age seems to be just a number to Lakshmi. She is the real ‘Lakshmi’ in the family of her son and grandson.

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Lakshmi Maiti, a resident of Yogiber village in Kolaghat’s Pulshita panchayat, lost her husband fifty years ago. The husband was a day laborer. At that time, Lakshmi used to sell grain in the market to give rice to one son and five daughters. He married five daughters with that income. Made a solid place for the head. The boy runs Gaur tea shop in the year 57. Lakshmi has crossed one hundred boundaries. He is over 102 years old in Aadhaar card documents. But the daily bread was not interrupted. Lakshmi came to the market at Pirtala of Kolaghat Old Bazaar, 4 km away from home, on her son’s bicycle at 3 am every morning. He sat there till noon and sold grain.

Cataract surgery has been performed on both the eyes. Yet he has a watchful eye on the scales. A few days ago my arm was broken. After a break of a few days, Lakshmi in the old rhythm again. On the day of Jamaishthi, besides fish and meat, there is also a good demand for grains in the market. So this day Lakshmi’s grain stall is selling better than other days. Granddaughter and grandson will come home. So return home a little earlier than the other day. Doesn’t it hurt at this age? Lakshmi replied, “Krona had a knee problem as the business was closed during Corona. I can’t sit at home. I have made the world stand by doing business. It has become a habit now. Apart from that, there is also savings in the boy’s family. ” Son Gaur said, ” I run a tea shop. I have told my mother many times to stop the business. But he says if he stops doing business, he will be useless. So don’t interrupt. Grain has made us big by doing business. In old age boys see their parents. I am lucky that my mother is still pulling my family at the age of 102. “

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