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Knowledge And Names Of Modern Playground Equipment In Your Playground

Kids Playgrounds in Australia have evolved in good ways to include more safety and accessibility features. This is why you will find new equipment in these playgrounds. This makes it essential to know the names of the latest playground equipment to understand how to make the best play site for kids.

Choosing the best supplier for the latest playground equipment

Good and established playground companies like Moduplay Commercial Systems understand that a lot of time and effort has to be given to the creation of a new playground area for kids and families to enjoy. Hence, when you choose the best playground builder, you choose Moduplay, the market leader in building commercial playgrounds with new, exciting play experiences for toddlers and teens with a comprehensive soft-fall system all over Australia and internationally.

This Aussie playground company has experienced playground designers, manufacturers, and engineers for designing and installation who use the latest technology and advanced processes. Their dedicated team can offer you the best possible outcome for any play area.

Their manufacturing plant is in Wollongong, NSW from where the equipment is shipped to every state and territory. They ensure that the job is well done and ready to be used for many years of enjoyment.

Visit their website to contact them or call them to know about details of their playground planning, design, manufacturing, and installation process.

Names of playground equipment

Some of the old favourites have been renovated in appearance and renamed for the latest requirements.

  • Merry-Go-Round: Roundabouts or carousels and one of the classic playground equipment
  • Seesaw: Also known as a teeter-totter.
  • Giant Stride: It has ropes with ladder-like bars hanging down for the kids to grab.
  • Monkey Bars: Horizontal ladder allowing kids to hop up and swing from one bar to another like chimpanzees.
  • Still rings: Kids can practice their upper body strength by hanging from the rings.

Modern playground equipment in Australia

The latest variations of some modern equipment in Australian playgrounds are:


  • Accelerator swing: Group swing that can be used by many kids at a time.
  • Generation swing: Traditional swing but an enclosed seat for toddlers and an open seat for adults.
  • Viper swing: Giant in-line rope that can fit many people on it to practice cooperation and teamwork for creating the right motion.
  • Inclusive swing seat: Safe ride to accommodate kids of any age, size, and abilities.


  • Open and Tube: Tube slides are enclosed while open slides let kids feel the wind.
  • Straight and curved: Added curvature as well as spirals.
  • Component and free-standing: Have stairs called tower slides.

Playground Climbers

Encourages kids to use their developing muscles and scale to the top of the structure. It includes:

  • Walker climbers
  • Vertical climbers
  • Vine climbers
  • Tensile climbers
  • Noodle climbers
  • Ring climbers
  • Rocks
  • Logs

Spring Riders

It offers an exciting journey on a spaceship or an exciting deep-sea dive on top of a sea creature.


Some spinners can accommodate many kids while others are meant for one like:

  • Barrel ride
  • Saddle seat
  • Maypole
  • Tornado
  • Whirl

The latest Inclusive whirl allows kids using wheelchairs and others to get on and have fun.

Ensuring a good number of site amenities like benches, picnic tables, grills, and bike racks is essential in making a playground that is liked by everyone who uses it.



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