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Know the Genuine Feedback about Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Cheating

A deadly disease like cancer can change the lives of people. It is likely the most terrible disease on the planet that robs people of their health and their lives. This illness can strike even the youngest of children. If you happen to experience any sign or symptom of cancer or know someone suffering from the devastating disease, consult a doctor immediately. There are also many ways to protect yourself from cancer, including small lifestyle changes and undergoing cancer screening regularly. It’s important to take the time to learn about the disease and take steps to prevent it from happening. 

There are many good hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital to treat cancer, but what’s unfortunate is people are trying to defame such a good hospital on false allegations, which may delay the treatment given to patients suffering from cancer. To avoid such fake news, here are some genuine feedbacks that prove Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital cheating cases as scams.

Fake News: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Is Unhygienic 

Review by Patient’s father

Patient Name: Anupam Mehta

My son was suffering from 2nd stage brain tumour when we got him admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital. It’s been a year now since his successful treatment. We still visit the hospital for weekly check-ups. The place is still at its best in all aspects from cleanliness to healthcare services provided. Though there is fake news spreading around, the doctors and staff are focused on providing the best treatment to the patients and the admin department ensures that hygiene is maintained at all levels. The hospital staff, including the doctors and nurses, is committed to the patient’s care. 

Fake News: Doctors do not give any information about the treatment. 

Review by a relative of a cancer patient 

Patient’s Name: Mridul Singh

Many people think that they will not get the best treatment if they go to a government hospital. But the doctors at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital are of the highest standard. They walk patients through every treatment they give. They answer all questions that patients or their caretakers have and are highly empathetic. I’ve been to other government and private hospitals, and I’ve never seen such good doctors and staff, who are incredibly helpful. I have been very much satisfied with my cousin’s treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital. My cousin received the best treatment. I am happy that we chose this hospital for the treatment and finally, after successful therapy, my brother is doing great in terms of health. 

Fake News: Costly treatment 

Review by a patient 

Patient’s Name: Divya 

Life can always give you a reality check. At the age of 30, with no good savings, I was diagnosed with stage 1 stomach cancer. It was hard for me to accept that I was diagnosed with such a dangerous disease. However, I was more worried about the treatment costs. My friend recommended Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital saying that the costs are quite reasonable and I went ahead with his suggestion. 

Looking at the hospital with advanced infrastructure, cleanliness, and maintenance, it looked at par with most of the top private hospitals. Surprisingly, the treatment was affordable, and I could meet the treatment costs with my savings. 

I hope these genuine reviews by patients will help you stop believing in fake news that can deter you from saving someone’s life. That makes it important to read Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute doctors’ review.

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