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Know all about the pie chart and its related information

If you have read something about the data interpretation in your classes, then there are different types of figures like a pie chart. In simpler words, you can call it a circular graph that represents data. In many business or school presentations you might have read about it. Such charts include variables, numerical values and other values. 

A pie chart is a part of Three Dimensional Geometry also where 3D pie charts are taught to students. The pie portion refers to the entire portion of the graph and slices represents the certain portion of the chart. To make your understanding more clear, we have brought this guide. Just read this guide to know its definition and other information related to it. So, without further delay, let’s roll the intro.

What Is Meant By A Pie Chart?

A circle chart or a pie chart is a chart that divides different statistical values into different circular shapes. Those segregated shapes are called sectors or sections. Also, this pie chart denotes a different proportion of a sector. Basically, different sectors are composed together to form a pie chart. 

In many cases, pie charts work for us like line plots, histograms, school or business presentations. Even MS Excel also makes it easier to form a pie chart.

Formula of a pie chart

The pie chart is essential for the data representation purpose. According to the above information, different segments and sectors are involved that create a pie chart. No matter how many portions are there in a pie chart the overall will be equal to 360 degree. This 360 degree indicates the total percentage of data. You can simply understand that a circle is divided into different parts but the overall calculation will be 360 degree. We have mentioned this point because it helps in calculating the overall percentage. 

To calculate the overall percentage of the pie chart, here is the formula

(Given Data/Total value of Data) x100

Now, the above formula was only for calculating. If you are looking to draw a pie chart, here is the formula that you need to implement. 

(Given Data/Total value of Data) x 360 degree

By using that formula calculate the degree value and draw a circle accordingly. After drawing a circle, segregate them using a calculated degree value. It makes the task easier for you to calculate and get an accurate pie chart.

Pie Chart Maker: What is it?

In your school or colleges you might have understood about drawing a pie chart with the help of geometrical tools like the compass. What if we say there are some dedicated online tools and software to make pie charts? Most of the users use this online tool to get pie charts in no time. Such pie charts are helpful in business presentations and other helpful purposes. However, for school time we do not recommend using tools. Or else, you will not be able to do appropriate practices.

Key Advantages of a Pie Chart

  • With the data representation of a pie chart, we get a simpler understanding of values. 
  • In the pie chart, representing fractional values is very easy.
  • Nowadays, pie charts have become an effective communication tool. It helps the uninformed audience to understand values. 
  • Pie charts give a quick analysis to understand the information at a glance. Readers can quickly compare the data and get the right conclusion. 
  • Readers are not required to examine underlying values in the pie chart. All values are mentioned clearly. 
  • To make the data representation more efficient, you can manipulate the data. 
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