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Key Features of NextGen Meditouch

When you’re looking for a medical software program, consider NextGen Meditouch. It features an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive ICD-10 and CPT coding library. It also includes features such as integrated appointment reminders, a customizable interface, and a multi-specialty coding library. Below are just a few reasons to consider NextGen. Read on to learn more about its key features.

Easy-to-Use Interface

NextGen’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to record patient information. It offers dropdown menus for pre-intake forms. Responses from patients populate the patient chart, and it can be further customized with free text fields, hotkeys, voice dictation, and templates. NextGen also includes a patient portal. With this, patients can easily access their health information and communicate it to their physicians.

Another benefit of using NextGen is that it integrates with labs and vaccine registries. Results are automatically graphed over time, and the software tracks CMS Promoting Interoperability standards. It also provides simple explanations for noncompliance. Finally, its centralized data management helps physicians improve patient care. This software makes it easy to collect and analyze patient data. But is NextGen Meditouch easy to use? Not necessarily. There are several problems with it.

A strong suite of reporting tools comes with NextGen Meditouch. Users can set recurring reports or run ad-hoc reports. They are automatically emailed to users. The reports can be filtered across a variety of criteria. For example, a physician can run a monthly report of patients’ appointments or view a summary of each patient’s medical history. Another great feature of NextGen Meditouch is its integration with the patient’s existing pharmacy. With NextGen Meditouch, a physician can view insurance information and review the patient’s health records.

Comprehensive ICD-10 and CPT Coding Library

The comprehensive ICD-10 and CPT coding library of the NextGen Meditouch is designed to assist clinicians with the coding and documentation process. The NextGen software is easy to use, with clickable tabs that highlight various aspects of a patient’s health. This software allows users to customize drug records, attach documents, and draw on notes. A comprehensive library of ICD-10 and CPT codes is included, and the software allows users to save frequently used codes.

The NextGen EHR is a cloud-based medical record system that is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smart phones. It has a user-friendly interface, secure connectivity, and messaging. It fully supports interoperability between certified EHR vendors and offers message translation capabilities for clinical data files. It is compatible with all modern browsers, making it easy to access from mobile devices. And it is HIPAA-compliant.

Integrated Appointment Reminders

If you’re a physician who wants to stay connected with your patients, integrating appointment reminders into your EHR is essential. The nextgen Meditouch EHR is easy to use, customizable, and includes many interactive features to make patient communication easier and more convenient. Not only can you send reminders and other important information to your patients, but you can also fax information electronically. NextGen is the cloud-based EHR of choice for many physicians.

NextGen’s EHR has been designed to be highly customizable to fit your practice’s needs. The system includes an interactive patient portal, ePrescribe functionality, and an integrated appointment reminder. NextGen Meditouch is also compatible with PCs, tablets, and smart phones. In addition, it fully supports interoperability between certified EHR vendors. Finally, it provides message translation for clinical data files. NextGen Meditouch is a cloud-based EHR that’s easy to use, and is compatible with most devices.

Easy-to-Customize Settings

The NextGen system allows you to customize the settings to suit your practice. The system offers automated reminders and can check the insurance status of your patients. NextGen will even send you a notification if the patient has not shown up for their appointment. These are just some of the easy-to-customize settings of NextGen Meditouch. This feature makes your practice’s workflow easier and saves time.

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The NextGen Meditouch software is mobile-friendly and works well in practice settings. It allows your staff to add, edit and reschedule patient appointments. It also allows you to keep track of changes in patients’ records. In addition, NextGen Meditouch can be integrated with your EMR or ERA. This feature helps you integrate your practice with multiple locations and make the entire experience more convenient for your patients.

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