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Key Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Automation saves time and money, but without a plan, it may be disastrous.

Email automation is a critical component of engaging your audience, and it’s quite simple to set up. When you establish triggers, emails will be sent automatically whenever a certain action happens. Marketers will save countless hours of manual emailing as a result of this. Indeed, 30 percent of professionals polled stated that the major advantage of marketing automation was the time saved.

Email marketing offers one of the best ROIs of any kind of advertising when combined with an efficient automation plan, claiming an incredible $36 returned for every $1 invested. Furthermore, automated emails generate more than 14 times the revenue per receiver (RPR) of handwritten communications.

However, without a strategy, your brand will end up in the spam bin. By using best practices, you may avoid making typical blunders. This post will cover the finest email marketing automation systems as well as the important automation components or use cases.

What is Email Automation?

Most email marketing automation tools have pre-built automated campaign processes and sequences that may be linked together. The software sends emails depending on predefined rules based on actions taken or not taken by a subscriber, as well as time-delay triggers. If a subscriber hasn’t made a purchase or viewed an email after a certain amount of time, an automated email may include a welcome greeting, a holiday message, or a re-engagement message.

A strong automation plan makes use of the capabilities of email marketing to segment clients into targeted groups based on certain actions or traits.

Marketers that apply this segmentation have seen revenue campaigns grow by up to 760 percent.

Greetings Messages

A welcome email is a message delivered to subscribers when they join up for your email list, and it reaches them when they are most interested in hearing from your company.

Because someone has just visited your website and signed up, welcome emails generally have an open rate of over 70% and a click-through rate of more than 16%. So, with such a captive audience, what should a marketer do?

A welcome email is a good chance to thank your new subscribers for joining, welcome them to the subscription, and even tell them how regularly they’ll hear from you and what themes you’ll cover.

You may also direct new readers to the most essential sections of your website and tell them what they should do next.

Furthermore, the welcome email introduces your brand while also providing information about your products or services and directions on how to access client portals.

Because welcome messages outperform non-automated efforts by 4x the click rate and 23x the conversion rate, it’s a must-have email for your company.

Messaging for Re-Engagement

Re-engagement emails, on the other hand, are crucial to an automated approach. A re-engagement campaign, also known as a win-back campaign, is a series of emails sent to inactive subscribers after a set period of time.

While targeting disengaged consumers may appear counterproductive, over 45 percent of subscribers to whom you send a “win-back” email will open your subsequent emails. The first email should state, “It’s been a while.” Then you may give an incentive to re-engage, such as a time restriction, to get them going again. You may also conduct a brief survey to learn why they quit participating.

Begin engaging your audience with Kreationsites today.

These automated journeys should be part of your digital marketing plan to create user interactions and give relevant material to your audience. An email marketing automation approach guarantees that you’re sending the correct messages to the right subscriber groups at the right times.

Although automation saves time, it does not eliminate all human engagement. Without analyzing campaign data and making necessary modifications, your campaign’s efficacy may suffer, as seen by higher bounce rates and unread communications. Kreationsites email automation skills and active management raised a client’s income by 110 percent and quadrupled their email open rates.

We’ve assisted hundreds of businesses in optimizing their websites to improve email list sign-ups before building a winning email marketing plan. Our email marketing automation solutions will boost your performance, boost your ROI, and produce new leads.