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Jonah Engler Talks About Top 15 Relationship Goals For All To Have

In this current fast paced world, even though technology is helping to bridge the gap between people, there is also a widening of gap in personal relationships, which can often break people apart. As you can clearly hear it from Jonah Engler, a divorce is enough to ruin the emotions, relationships and even sentiments of every individual. Moreover, it even has further legal and financial fallouts hat will become liability for people.

It is true that financial fallouts will be easier to handle with time but the sentimental or emotional fallouts are subject to last for a long time. It is always the mental state that will be quite difficult to cope up with.

So, let’s focus on the top 15 relationships that everyone should be aware of right now!

  1. It is always important for one another to support each other’s dreams, no matter how complex or time-consuming it seems. Your spouse can always rely on you for the support you need. They might have one impossible dream, but you can always show that inherent support. Any encouragement word will mean that this person is quite happy.
  2. It might seem to be a small thing but whenever you are in a relationship or a marriage, you need to remember small things like anniversary date, birthday of your spouse and more. These simple things will help strengthen your bond even more. Such small gestures will always run a long way.
  3. Just because you are a working individual that does not mean you won’t give time to your other part of life. It is vital to maintain a happy and successful work-home balance. Avoid brining in your work files at home as that will often bring stress of workplace. Most of the time, you can’t ignore it. But when you can, go for it!
  4. Suppose you have little ones at home. Make sure to never ever fight with your spouse in front of your children. They are the future generations and will learn from what they see. So, always try to maintain that loving and caring bond in front of them. They will learn from you to become a better human being.
  5. If you want to maintain that healthy relationship, you have to take time out for one another. Due to hard working hours, you might not get enough time. But, make sure to spend meaningful weekends with your beloved ones. Both of you need time from one another, and make sure you get the same.
  6. During the initial phase of your relationship, you might want to spend maximum amount of your free time with your partner. But, there are times, when you just want your space and willing to be alone. Well, be sure to balance that together time with your alone time well. If you don’t get your space, it will make you feel claustrophobic in a relationship.
  7. Whether you are married or just in a relationship be sure to stay beside your partner through thick and thin. You need to be beside one another when the situation is not in our favor, and also once you have achieved something big in your life. Embody the phrase “in sickness and in health” to the core.
  8. There are five different types of love languages and everyone has a specified way of giving and receiving love. Those are quality time, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation and gifts. You and your partner might not share the same act of giving and receiving love. Make sure to understand your loved one’s preference in that and carry on with the relationship.
  9. Continue learning and growing together, according to Jonah Engler, which will strengthen your relationship more and more with passing day. It has been proven that a couple can always gain a lot of growth by learning new skills, holding each other’s hands.
  10. As per some of the surveys made, date nights are always linked to the higher relationship quality and also with lower divorce rates. The people of the study expressed that it will just take devoting one night a week for spending some time together and enjoy these points well.
  11. Another study shows that women are happier when their partners know if they are upset. In some ways, perhaps men might also appreciate women if they are able to find what’s wrong with their partners. So, try to do your best in recognizing when the other person is upset and cheer him or her up accordingly.
  12. Some surveys have stated that couples who have friendships always tend to be happier. The researchers have found that friendship in a relationship helped couples to increase attraction for one another. It provides them with a better understand and they got to observe how others discuss their differences.
  13. People do have their fair share of differences and disagreements about how their partners are planning to live, but it should not be a constant. In case it is, then it might damage the relationship and then make the other partners feel undervalued at the same time. So, the main communication mode between partners needs to be positive and kind.
  14. Physical intimacy is more than between bedroom sheets. It is vital to understand that sometimes physical connection isn’t available. Despite that, your relationship can bloom by just touching or just being close to your partner. A simple cuddling can also do the trick!
  15. With time, your relationship with surely change. If you don’t like something about your relationship, have a clear conversation with your partner about that. Your partner should also feel comfortable to share their thoughts about the relationship as well. It helps in improving your love life in a better way!

So, next time you are looking for the top relationship goals to follow, these 15 points will surely do the trick. Just make sure to have a better understanding between you and your partner, and nothing can stop you from enjoying a healthy relationship!

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