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Jewelry Photo Retouching Why do You Need Professional Help in 2022? - Mazing US
Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Jewelry Photo Retouching Why do You Need Professional Help in 2022?

Jewelry Retouching is the complex and time-consuming process of editing product photos using Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing software. Providers of jewellery retouching services can perform many tasks, including color correction, spot removal, and brightening embedded stones.

The modifiable jewellery images are a specialty of professionals who can enhance the quality of photographs by adding reflections and shadows to the images and removing imperfections and dust. For commercial and personal use, they can transform any ring, earring set or necklace into something more appealing. Learn how high-end jewelry editing can create eye-catching results for your business.

How to Retouch Jewellery Photos: What Can You Expect?

The best e-commerce service providers have the expertise and benchmarked techniques to deal with different image editing needs. These services allow you to achieve a flawless appearance for your products using the following image editing services for jewellery:

Background Removal

A background that is unobtrusive and non-clashing allows the attention to be on the main feature of the jewelry image, which is the product. Each product should be treated with care, as they may vary in complexity and background. Sometimes, background photos of jewellery can clash with the main products. These need to be changed to improve their appeal.

Expert graphic designers are the best at removing background images. This is a crucial part of image retouching for jewellery. To modify image backgrounds efficiently, they use a variety of tools such as the magic brush, background eraser and lasso.

Photo Shadow Creation

Photos of jewellery products can often look unappealing or listless in the original, raw form. Because of a lack of lighting or lack of experience, the natural shadows of the pieces might not be evident or are less prominent. These images can be transformed by Adobe Photoshop experts and photo editors to look more attractive and elegant. They can also create drop shadows and reflection shadows to enhance the images.

Color Correction

Mismatching colors in jewellery images can be caused by light effects, camera settings, incorrect product positioning, or other factors. Incorrect colors can make product images unusable for commercial purposes or any other purpose. To correct and fix any color issues, professional jewellery image modifiers use many color correction tools, including Adobe Lightroom, pen tablet, and Adobe Photoshop. To achieve the desired results, they focus on image exposure and white balance.

Remove blemishes and scratches

The most important aspect of jewellery photo editing is to avoid scratches and blemishes. Image editing is a skill that can remove any visible marks, noise, or dust from original photos. After the jewellery photo cleaning process is completed, the photos will look more beautiful and elegant to impress viewers.

Retouching services for high-end jewelry

You can attract more traffic online and convert more customers by publishing images of jewellery that are free from any defects. SBL Corp’s experienced editors and image enhancers can help you achieve this goal. SBL’s IMS services are equipped with the most up-to-date photo editing software and tools. This will create stunning images for your products. After adjusting the dimensions, shape, texture, color, and color of your products, they’ll create stunning images to help you build your online and offline jewellery business.

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