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Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Federal Highway Police, said that he’d seek information from the police on the incident

Brazilians are angry about the death of an asphyxiated victim which is depicted in a YouTube video that shows the Black man being taken away by two Brazilian police officers. Federal Highway Police. The interior of the SUV was filled in smoke. The police resisted Genivaldo De Jesus Santos (38) from being taken away from Umbauba located in northern of Sergipe. A large cloud of smoke that could be tear gas can be seen in the SUV.You can hear him screaming and you can see his legs hanging out of the vehicle. He kicks for couple of seconds before stopping after which they stop. They’re unaffected by anyone watching.

The photos caused turmoil on social media. A large crowd of protesters at Umbauba to protest on Wednesday, blocking the road and burning tires.

In a one tweet, a man can be heard declaring “The the public has reached a point outrage.” “They killed the man!” A man spoke over an audio system in front of the crowd.

Federal Highway Police stated that the suspect was violent and resisted police officers who stopped the suspect. According to the police report, the officers placed the man in a coma and used “instruments that have less risk of offense” to keep the suspect in check.

According to the official statement, Santos became ill while being taken to a precinct, by police officers. Then, he was transported to a hospital at which point it was confirmed that he had died.

Based on the statements of George Fernandes (a spokesperson for Sergipe the state’s Forensic institute) An autopsy conducted by a physician revealed that the deceased died due to respiratory failure by “mechanical asphyxia”.

Alisson de Jesus, Santos’s nephew, told community news channel FANF1 that he witnessed the police detaining Santos’s uncle. Santos added that he carried prescriptions and other medications inside the wallet of his. This indicates it is possible that Santos had mental illness prior to moment the officers began the what the nephew of his said was “a terrifying session. “

He claimed, “They took my uncle and put him in his vehicle. They then used an explosive gas and closed the trunk with the person inside.” De Jesus claimed that his uncle was struck and pushed by police officers before being taken to the back of their vehicle.

“Police officers transformed their vehicle in to a gas chamber before executing an ill-healthed man” Renata Souza, an elected human rights activist from the local area and politician, wrote in Twitter. Faced with this brutality , it’s unimaginable. Brazil is an extermination camp!

Brazilian society is shocked by the revelation of the inability of the institution to ensure that its employees adhere to fundamental rules of behavior.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Federal Highway Police, said that he’d seek information from the police on the incident. An incident similar to this was reported last week, in which an individual killed two police officers who were working on the highway.

It was said that Federal Police opened an inquiry. Within 10 days, the Federal Police must receive the comprehensive, thorough inquiry report by the institute responsible for Forensics.

The incident took place only a few days following highway police officers were involved in an incident which resulted in more than 20 people being killed in Rio de Janeiro. Although police have claimed they were forced to employ violent force because of the circumstances surrounding it, local media have reported stories which challenge this assertion.

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