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Is Marketing an Ebook More Difficult Than Writing It?

Writing a book or ebook is the fundamental thing. No books equal no marketing. However, writing an ebook is not the end of the story. There’s more to it. Firstly, we talk about writing an ebook. Ebooks (electronic books) are the modern form of books. As we know, we live in a digital world. Now there is almost everything digitized, so are books. Back in the day, libraries were the hub for reading books. Now there’s a similar crowd for book readers on the digital platforms. However, the libraries haven’t become obsolete after the arrival of ebooks. People still visit libraries a lot. Secondly, ebooks have some positive aspects that we are discussing below.

4 Bonus Sides of Ebooks

1.     Help Bring Back Book Reading Habit

Many parents might relate to it: Book reading is fading away in this modern era, and now Kids are prone to video games and stuff like that. And not only. Their parents use smartphones all the time, making them use gadgets more than literature and outdoor sports. Ebooks are an excellent source to bring kids back to book reading. It’s evident they have an iPad in their hands all day. So wouldn’t it be nice if we give them something similar to a tablet but has a book in it; Amazon kindle. Amazon kindles are tablet-looking ebooks. Doing this can bring them back to the book reading habit.

Bonus Tip: If you have a story to tell your kids and you want to shape it into an ebook, then it’s easy. You can write the story yourself or hire an ebook writer to do it. After that, ensure you get the ebook marketing services from an affordable book writing company. That will make your book reach its target audience.

However, some kids have lost taste in things like books and outdoor sports, and we can give them ebooks to help them adopt that habit again. But every kid is not similar. Some kids don’t like reading at all, and it’s okay. Not every kid on earth needs to study literature and go outside to play football. Don’t make book reading a trendy fashion, and make it obligatory for your kids to follow.

2.     Ebooks are easy to write

Traditional books contain a lot of variety. They can be fiction or non-fiction. However, we don’t write ebooks like books. We don’t write fiction like novels of 300 plus pages for publishing as ebooks. It’s because people come on the internet to relax or to get quick suggestions and help for the issue they encountered.

Moreover, they come on the internet for entertainment. There are already lots of novels written that they can easily read. They don’t want to buy an ebook and keep staring at a computer or mobile screen for hours to read that novel. They’ll prefer watching a three hours’ movie instead. However, it can be subjective.

Ebook Topics

As a result, ebooks are not the same as traditional books. Ebooks are more of guidelines, or ‘How to’ books that we make to help people quickly solve their issues. For example, we can create ebooks on the following topics:

  • Easy Hack to Bake Things in 2022
  • How to deal with covid-19 effectively?
  • Learn Html and CSS in Ten Days

These are some examples of topics that suit the ebooks best. And it’s easy to write on these topics. More specifically, we write ebooks for business purposes. These book types are easy to write as we don’t do lots of research for them, unlike the traditional books. However, it doesn’t mean that books are a random bunch of jargon with no authenticity. We only mean by not doing lots of research: writers don’t spend five years researching a particular thing before writing an ebook. It’s not essential in ebooks but crucial for traditional books.

For example, the famous book How to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is an example of such a book. He didn’t write the book in a month or a year. It took almost more than 20 years to finish it. He did a lot of research, interviewed rich people, and did everything to compose that book. And that book has sold millions of copies, and still, people buy it.

In contrast, we mostly write ebooks to either market our business or to teach marketing through an ebook. How cool does it sound? Not only it is easy to write an ebook, but also you can write it quickly.

3.     Ebooks are environmentally friendly

That’s the topic that would interest green activists a lot. You don’t need papers several papers, hardboard covers to create an ebook. And because of that, you don’t need to cut down trees to make ebooks as there are no papers involved. If your traditional book is a superhit, it would require several million copies of it to sell. And thus, several trees will be cut down not only for your book but for thousands of other books as well. And it is creating a negative impact on the earth’s environment.

On the other hand, ebooks don’t require you to cut down a single tree. You can create thousands of millions and billions of ebook copies without touching a tree. Moreover, we don’t even need to make several copies because we can publish it on a website, and users can purchase it from there.

However, we produce copies of ebooks when we sell them on Amazon Kindle since every person will buy a separate Kindle to read it. Even though it doesn’t require tree cutting, it can produce e-waste. It’s another critical issue that people are facing environmentalists are working on it. When the kindle device would get damaged and irreparable, you’d throw it away. But you need to dispose of e-waste, and it’s not easy. That’s what makes e-waste an issue of today’s world.

4.     You don’t get rejections

If you traditionally publish your book, it’s not easy in this era. Back in the day, people didn’t write so many books. Now they are. Therefore, the big established publishers had to put some rules and regulations to qualify to get published. And these rules are hard enough. You might spend 5 to 6 years in the effort of publishing your book.

In contrast, you don’t experience this same when publishing an ebook. It’s because ebooks are not traditionally published. We self-publish them. Moreover, there are no rules and regulations to publish an ebook like in traditional publishing. And therefore, you can quickly publish your ebook.

Above, we discussed the importance of ebooks. We also talked about how easy and quickly you can write an ebook in 2022. But as we said in the starting: writing an ebook or any book is the story’s end. If you want to sell your book, marketing is the main thing. Otherwise, how would people even know that you have written a book? Below we will discuss how you can market your book to reach the maximum audience.

3 Ways to Make your Ebook Popular in 2022

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

The quickest and most accessible way of publishing your ebooks are amazon kindle. There is no fee, no complicated process involved in self-publishing. However, you usually don’t sell your ebook at very high prices on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon pays you 70% of the cost. It only takes a minimal fee for every book sale. As as far as marketing is concerned, it’s not easy. Why not listen to a person who already has experience publishing ebooks on amazon kindle. According to him, writing an ebook is only 40% work, the rest of 60% is marketing. So, don’t think if your book is published on Amazon, it will become famous. You have to make it popular by doing its marketing. You can avail of the marketing services Amazon offers, or you can try other ebook marketing services as well.

2. Publish it on your website

It is another popular way of making your book more popular. However, if you are already a blogger, it’s more beneficial. But even if you are not, we’ll tell you how to do it. You need to make a website and publish your book on it. The good side of publishing your ebook on your website is that you can charge any price you want without giving anyone a cut from it. However, there’s a road behind it you need to walk off before reaching this point. You need to make an SEO website appear in the search engines. You can hire an SEO expert for this purpose. Before that, ensure you make an attractive website and integrate a payment method so users can make a purchase.

Moreover, you need to hire a copywriter, or if you can write a good intro about your ebook yourself, you can do it yourself. It’s necessary because people need to know why they should buy your book and its help to them.

3. Video Advertisements

The evergreen advertising method! Video Ads. Do you have any rough guess of how many times you see a video ad on the internet in a day? Whether you visit Youtube, social media platforms, or a website, you see video ads. Thus, you can make excellent advertisements for your ebook and run them on social media through paid advertising method. However, ensure your ads are not annoying. Otherwise, it won’t be beneficial.

Now that you know how to market your book, implement these strategies and get popular!

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