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Is IUI a reliable procedure to treat infertility?

The intrauterine insemination procedure involves inseminating the sperm artificially in the female worms using a simple technique. This is done in cases where medication, as well as planned intimacy or intercourse, fails to result in pregnancy. The iui treatment involves processing the male semen samples by washing the same and attempting to place the motel sperm inside the uterus without having any contact with the cervix. This is done at the time when female ovulates to enhance the probability of fertilization.

The procedure is less costly as compared to other fertility enhancement procedures like in vitro fertilization etc. The body is comparatively less stressed and the washing of the sperm turns it into a concentrated format increasing the responsiveness of the egg and mating with the sperm. Thus, the chances of being pregnant are enhanced. 

Case of relevance as per IUI treatment 

Mostly the same is performed with the male partners’ sperm but in case the same is incapable or immotile then at times donor sperms are used. Commonly the mentioned scenarios may experience the relevance of the procedure.

  • When the reason for infertility is not known.
  • When there are chances of endometriosis.
  • If the sperm count is very low or there are some issues with the female cervix.
  • In case of immotile sperms, issues with ejaculation or erection of male sex organ.
  • At times when a single female wants to be a mother.
  • When the couples of the same sex wish to conceive.
  • If any couple wants to surpass any sort of genetic issue heredition.

Cases where IUI is not the solution

IUI as per doctors and experts isn’t successful in cases when,

  •  female suffers from any sort of endometriosis,
  • in the absence of a fallopian tube or if they are blocked,
  • in case the female partner suffers from any disease or complication and relation to fallopian tubes or oviducts,
  • in the case of patients suffering from pelvic infections,
  • for the male partners who are incapable of producing sperms.

Is anaesthesia a part of the procedure?

IUI is a painless procedure. Hence the patient does not require any anaesthesia. Most of the women patients experience any sort of discomfort during the procedure while some may experience a few uterine cramps followed by a little bleeding after the procedure. Overall the same is totally painless and doctors never opt to give anaesthesia to their patients.

Knowing about the success rate of the same is a must

An expert gynaecologist guides you about the iui success rate before starting the procedure. It’s the couple’s right to know about the same before the start of the procedure. You should know that predicting the success of anything or any medical procedure can be tough. To enhance the possibilities of success of the procedure some experts opt to repeat the procedure twice on the same day. The success rate of the same depends on various factors like the age of the patients, preferred diagnosis and medication, as well as many other related concerns.

Whatever the success rates of the procedure predict but this is indeed a wonderful risk-free option for trying to conceive.



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