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Is it worth choosing the cheapest education agency?

The experience of studying abroad is part of many people’s dreams. Studying in another country is important not only for the transformation of the world view, but also for improving skills and being better prepared for the job market.

However, research is needed to define all the details and a question always arises during this process: is it worth choosing the cheapest education agency? Well, within this topic and beyond, there are really many factors to consider.

And to help you understand the main points to analyze when organizing your abroad study, we have prepared this article. Don’t worry: it’s easier than you think. Come on?

How to choose the education agency?

In a period of living abroad, you will be far from everything and everyone you know. Therefore, you must ensure three fundamental factors when choosing the education agency to travel with the certainty that you will not face inconvenience.

Decide the focus of the trip

What do you want to do and how long can you be gone? These two questions must be answered carefully as they will decide exactly what focus your trip will have.

There are language courses lasting from weeks to months, master’s and postgraduate specializations that take a year or more, and a variety of other study options. This definition must be very well defined, as it will help both in your academic development and in the direction that the agency will make.

Check what services are offered

Okay, now that you know the reason for your trip, it’s time to check the services offered by the agencies. In addition to the course, does it offer visa application support? Does she help with arranging airfare, accommodation, travel insurance, sworn translation? Research well and be sure to ask whenever you have any questions. Otherwise, some important detail may be left out and you will find out at the last minute that you will need to take care of some detail yourself.

Check how the agency’s call center works

Naturally, your research will start on the internet. Therefore, evaluate well how was the service you received through the chat tool on the website, sending quotes and clarification of doubts by email. Also consider phone support and the ability to schedule an appointment to speak with an expert consultant in person or via Skype. Having several ways to contact the agency will help a lot when defining the details of your trip. Also, being well-attended is a great starting point for you to see if you want to continue negotiations with the company.

What to take into account for this choice?

Now that you’ve taken the first step and are familiar with making contacts and researching education agencies, it’s time to take into account some determining factors to finally make the choice.

Talk to people who already know the education agency

Nothing better than real experiences to confirm how the agency in question works. So talking to someone who has already used their services is critical. Ask about meeting deadlines and agreements, whether returns were made, how contingencies were resolved and whether there was all the necessary support.

See what the company’s reputation is

Social networks and some specific websites on the internet are great tools for you to start investigating the reputation of the education agency. Nowadays, there is no longer any taboo in making complaints online and expressing possible dissatisfaction for everyone to have access to.

At the same time, you will be able to find in the same sources many favorable comments, experience reports, positive evaluations and praise. Based on this, you will have more information at hand about the company you are choosing.

Give preferences to agencies specialized in your destination

When choosing an agency specialized in your destination, you will have the expertise of a company that knows all the particularities that involve the exchange to that location. You will have access to more options of courses and schools in the desired destination, and you will be able to find a program option that goes beyond the English course. You will have the support of qualified consultants, who know and have lived in these countries, and who will be able to give you several important tips on what your experience will be like, will help you when applying for your visa and organizing each stage of your project.

Search about the education agency in official bodies

If you want to be sure of more credibility in the services you are about to hire, check the address, CNPJ and corporate name with official bodies. Thus, you prove the agency’s suitability directly on sites such as the Federal Revenue and Procon. At any sign of irregularity, disregard the option.

What to consider about prices, fees and other values?

Yes, studying abroad must be accessible to your reality. However, it is necessary to examine all the expenses included in the travel package and be aware that the agency with the lowest values does not always offer the support you need.

Often, the education agency helps to save money, as it contributes to the efficiency of the processes and you will hardly pay for something you don’t know what it is about. Don’t give up the experience for the price, but consider some details carefully.

Inform yourself about the costs related to the studies

In most cases, the prices of exchange courses are only passed on by the agency: the definition of the value is made directly by the educational institutions. In this scenario, it is also worth checking the school’s reputation, as a very low value can mean a bad structure or poor teaching.

In time, know that the Australian Immigration Department also takes into account the classification of the school you will study at in order to grant the visa. And if you want to renew your course or undertake a new program in the country, your academic progress and stay history will be at the time of evaluating your new visa.

Ask for detailed information about charged items

Some agencies usually publish a cheaper budget to attract customers, which sometimes only include the cost of the course and tickets. Left out are insurance, entrance exams, documentation and accommodation, for example.

With this, closing the project with a cheaper agency becomes a risky investment and you will have unpleasant surprises at the end. Whenever possible, ask for a detailed list of individual services and prices so you know exactly what you’re buying and what you’ll need in addition.

Watch out for administrative fees

It is not uncommon for administrative fees to be charged by education agencies. However, do not consider this as a negative point. Quite the opposite! Most of the time, these fees cover closer support, differentiated service and much more care in planning your study. This addition is worth having if it means more security for your trip.

As much as all the details in this post seem too complex, it is worth diving into its analysis so that you have a memorable exchange and only worry about your performance in studies.

There are plenty of reasons to studying abroad! If you want to start planning this experience and need to choose the education agency, contact We are available to always serve you in the best possible way and talk to you about all these details. We look forward to your contact!

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