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Is hardwood decking superior to composite decking? - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Is hardwood decking superior to composite decking?

Are you thinking of putting composite or hardwood decking in your garden? If you are, you may be interested in learning if hardwood decking is superior to composite decking. Hardwood decking is more durable than softwood, but is it as durable as composite decking? Which decking type, hardwood or composite, will endure longer and provide better value for money after installation? These are critical questions to ask if you want to discover if hardwood decking is superior to composite decking.

What is Hardwood Decking? 

What is Hardwood Decking? 

Hardwood decking is a form of wood decking constructed of dense timber. This type of wood decking is more durable than softwood decking and does not require the use of chemicals to maintain its strength. The second form of wood decking necessitates the use of chemicals and is quickly harmed when exposed to the outdoors. Hardwood decking is not subject to weather or insects due to the lack of chemicals. Hardwood decking is preferred by homeowners who wish to create a deck since it will allow them to enjoy their deck for a long time.

What is Composite Decking? 

What is Composite Decking? 

This type of decking consists of wood and plastic and is a synthetic material. Composite decking is a kompositmaterial that, like other composites, gives homeowners who use it to install their decking a longer lifespan. Engineers blend wood and plastic with an adhesive or bonding agent and heat the material in a furnace to create the decking. Composite decking is a good option for those who desire a long-lasting patio. This sort of outdoor flooring is not only durable but also attractive.

Is a Hardwood Patio Better Than a Composite Patio?

To determine if hardwood decking is superior to composite decking, we must look at the characteristics of good decking materials.


One of the aspects of good decking is its durability. If the decking is durable, it is a good decking material; however, if it is not, it is not a good decking material. Hardwood decking is long-lasting, although not as long as a composite patio. Because hardwood decking will ultimately lose its resilience to the elements after being exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Composite decking is a patio material that is designed to be durable for outdoor use. Because composite decking eliminates the problems associated with wood decking. If you build wood decking in your yard, it will collect water, whether it is hardwood or softwood. Because composite decking has a plastic covering or coating on its surface or top, moisture is prevented from penetrating the board. This is one of the advantages of composite wood decking over hardwood decking. The ability of decking material to withstand water is critical. In the following section, we’ll talk about the water-resistance of composite wood decking. Another advantage of wood-plastic composite decking is its resilience, which allows it to survive longer than hardwood decking.

Composite decking is more resistant to weather than hardwood decking.

Moisture is one of nature’s most harmful elements when it comes to decking. When wood decking is exposed to moisture, it will rot. This is due to the fact that moisture causes wood decking to expand, rot, and bend. The porous surface of hardwood decking will absorb moisture from the air when you create your patio with it. Your hardwood decking board will eventually become soaked with moisture and swell. If the swelling decking dries in a timely manner, it will shrink; if it does not, it will rot. A composite patio is more water-resistant than hardwood decking and will not decay, swell, or shrink.


Composite decking is less difficult to maintain than wood decking. You don’t need a lot of money to keep your composite decking in good shape. Furthermore, composite decking does not require the time-consuming care that wood decking does. This is due to the fact that, unlike wood decking, composite decking does not require sanding, painting, or staining. Because the longevity of a deck is determined by how well it is maintained, komposittrall will last longer than a timber patio due to its ease of care. Wood-plastic decking will endure for around 25 years, whereas hardwood decking will last for about 15 years.


Is hardwood decking preferable to composite decking? Plastic wood decking is superior to hardwood decking in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

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