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IRCTC Ticket Booking- A Complete Guide 

Indian Railways needs reservations or bookings for all classes of travel, with the exception of General class rail tickets. Travelers can discover a confirmed berth in the class of their choice by making a reservation or booking. There are two methods for making a reservation or IRCTC Ticket booking. Passengers can make advance reservations online through the online platform, which is also known as Indian Railways’ e-ticketing. A traveler can also make a reservation in person at the Indian Railways booking counter at the train station. 

One can easily make an advance reservation for up to 120 days, excluding the date of the journey at the originating station, according to IRCTC’s website. Once a ticket is booked, a Unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) is generated against every ticket. Do you have any other questions? Here’s an in-depth guide to help you out!  

Check out how to book a train ticket at an Indian Railways ticket counter. 

Passengers who purchase tickets at an Indian railway station’s ticket counter get additional benefits. Various quotas and concessions are available. In most cases, these alternatives are not accessible when purchasing rail tickets online. People who are booking tickets from the ticket counter can opt from the options like Senior Citizens, Ladies quota, and other related concessions. 

Follow these steps to get a train ticket from the Indian Railways booking counter: 

  • You must go to the nearest railway station and ask for a reservation form in order to reserve a train ticket through Indian Railways. 
  • Fill in the passenger information (names, ages, genders, and berth preferences, for example). 
  • Return the completed form to the booking desk together with the payment. 
  • You’ll also receive your tickets with a unique PNR number! 
  • If you are not near a railway station, you can make an online reservation. It is the most straightforward and straightforward method of purchasing a ticket. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to book a rail ticket online. 

  • The government has taken a number of steps to improve online ticketing.  
  • You can book online train tickets by entering onto the Trainman App  
  • Then you must choose the source and destination stations. 
  • Choose your chosen mode of transportation. 
  • Check the availability of train tickets. 
  • You must fill out the passenger information (names, ages, genders, berth preferences, and meal preferences, for example). 
  • Proceed to payment after you’ve completed all of your personal information. 
  • Fill in the essential information at the time of payment. 
  • Once you’ve made your payment, your online rail ticket reservation is complete. 
  • The passenger’s registration details will receive a message or an email. 

Aside from that, the government has taken a number of steps to improve the online ticketing system, including the Tatkal plan. 

For online rail ticket booking, a list of ID cards and documents is necessary. 

Passengers must carry one of the following identification cards! 

During the IRCTC ticket booking session, passengers are not required to enter any ID card information. 

However, the passenger(s) must carry and show one of the following identification cards. Validation purposes necessitate the use of the original ID card. 

Indian Railway accepts the following identification cards: 

  • Aadhar card 
  • Voter photo identity card 
  • Passport 
  • Driving License 
  • Pan Card 
  • Central/State government issued Photo Identity card 
  • Student Identity Card with photograph 
  • Nationalized Bank Pass Book with photographs 
  • Credit Cards with laminated photograph 
  • Photo identity cards having serial number 

Trainman App is adding a slew of new services to better assist travelers. If you wish to book tickets on the platform, here are five recommendations that will make the process go more smoothly: 

Confirmation Probability 

This is the essential element of the upgraded e-ticketing system. Before purchasing a ticket, passengers should check the CNF likelihood. The new feature combines machine learning and historical data on a train and its ticket status to predict a seat confirmation before travelers book their tickets. 

Trains that aren’t like the others 

The IRCTC arranges numerous special trains that operate over the busiest lines before each festival season to relieve crowding on normal long-distance trains. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has confirmed running several special trains throughout the Christmas season. Check to see if any trains have reserved carriages for which you will need to purchase tickets at the station. 

VIKALP Program 

Given the high volume of passengers expected throughout the holiday season, the VIKALP Scheme could be a lifesaver for individuals wishing to travel to another state or city. Under the VIKALP Scheme, the IRCTC tries to accommodate waitlisted clients in other trains, and travelers can choose up to seven trains. 

Keep your eyes peeled for your train. 

Train punctuality has long been an issue, and with more trains passing through certain routes, the chances of trains being delayed are high. As a result, it is recommended that you use the ‘track your train’ feature on the Trainman application to stay up to date on the train status. 

Food Menu 

IRCTC has also introduced a special Navratri/Fast based menu that may be reserved two hours prior to your scheduled departure. Passengers can also reserve meals in advance through the app, where they can also see tariffs. 

Helpful Tip-  

While the new capabilities on the IRCTC ticket booking website reduce some of the recognized friction associated with ticket purchase, older options such as Tatkal ticket booking remain available. It’s a good idea to go through the terms and conditions because they may alter depending on the season. Passengers can now change their names up to 24 hours before their train on IRCTC. 

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