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Invisalign Invisible Braces for Crowded Teeth – Ensmile

Invisalign on crowded teeth:

It is not news that crowded teeth do not help when it comes to showing a beautiful smile. But, beyond an aesthetic position, in this post, I make it clear to you about all other inconveniences that they entail, and solutions that are at your fingertips to prevent the appearance of other types of affectations. Especially the benefits of Invisalign to correct crowded teeth. Invisalign is the best orthodontics for adults.

Some conditions due to crowded teeth:

When one tooth is very close to another, or when it is mounted on another, it happens that cleaning is quite complicated. It is difficult to remove all the bacterial plaque from the area since it makes it difficult whether we want to clean it with a brush or dental floss. Therefore, the presence of cavities in the teeth becomes one of the consequences of dental crowding. Consequently, like a chain, periodontal disease finds a simple route to make its appearance.

Correct crowded teeth with Invisalign invisible braces:

Not only is it possible to correct crowded teeth with Invisible braces, it is also the most comfortable method and it has its name: Invisalign, invisible braces for adults.

Invisalign Invisible braces method is based on the correction of teeth using transparent aligner caps. It is removable and comfortable. They allow you to wear them without anyone noticing. You can even continue smiling in full, smiling for life without anyone noticing it as usual.

Some benefits of correcting crowded teeth with Invisalign invisible braces:

Thanks to Invisalign’s ENSMILE-enabled digitization, we can accurately calculate the exact level of interproximal wear using a 3D simulation.

After the treatment, you will have less retention of food remains.

It is the orthodontists who know the biology of tooth movements and their predictability. It is therefore vital that these are the ones who plan the correct sequence so that the movements are predictable and carry out the most appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Some general clarifications about Invisalign Invisible braces:

First, we repeat that Invisalign is a treatment that allows you to correct dental problems such as poor occlusion and articulation of the jaw, crowded, separated teeth, overbite, or crossbite. As it is the result of many previous experiences, it hardly has any incidence in the ingestion of any type of food. It does not cause sores or wounds. In addition, it is also privileged in the aesthetic part due to its almost invisibility.

Type of existing braces and duration of treatment:

Invisalign is based on transparent aligners that must be changed every two weeks to adapt to the new position that crowded teeth are acquiring.

For Invisalign to be effective it is necessary that you comply with the time of use of rigor. If they are not worn the 22 hours per day required, the treatment time will be delayed and the final result would be at stake since the movements will not be carried out as planned.

Different versions of invisible Braces:

Ultimately, they all share general characteristics, but depending on the need of the cases they have different prescriptions for each modality:

Invisalign i7 for crowded teeth:

Used in patients who have already had orthodontics, but who, due to irresponsibility in the use of retainers, need isolated corrections. This treatment can last up to seven months, as it corrects minor issues, some of which are almost imperceptible.

Invisalign Lite:

Mostly indicated for those who have had orthodontics, but have suffered recurrences over time. Indicated to move several teeth due to slight dental malposition. The treatment time is twelve months.

Invisalign Full:

It is the most implanted variant of all, taking care of correcting more complex cases such as bite and alignment. Treatment usually lasts between 18 and 36 months.

Invisalign Teen for crowded teeth:

As its name indicates, it is a variant for teenagers. In addition, it comes with the encouraging extra that it allows doctors to carefully guide the birth of permanent teeth that have not yet erupted. Treatment usually lasts between 18 and 36 months.

Adequate nutrition for Invisalign treatment:

As with Invisalign, the aligners are removed at feeding time, and no food is restricted. But we advise you to remove the aligners if you are going to drink something with a dark color such as coffee, red wine, or cola. These discolor the splints and lose transparency and thus affect their aesthetic benefits.

We reiterate the importance of the time of use of the splints, as an order to follow to ensure the good general result of the Invisalign treatment. It is very important to wear it 22 hours a day. So, if you usually drink these types of drinks several times a day, it is preferable not to remove the aligners, and then put emphasis on brushing your teeth and washing the splints very well.

Smoking with Invisalign:

We recommend not smoking while wearing the aligners. Or not smoke at all. As with dark beverages, tobacco stains and discolors splints, thus losing their aesthetic properties as well.

But if the vice is already strong and you smoke many hours a day, it is better not to remove them, respecting the time of use for the effectiveness of the treatment. If you smoke with invisible braces on, you must live for the cleaning of the aligners.

If you don’t meet the Invisalign wear time, you will never get out of crowded teeth.

The use of Invisalign suffering from periodontitis and/or bruxism

If the diseases are controlled and the patient is under strict treatment and adhering to it to the letter, you can use Invisalign. This orthodontic modality is recommended for patients suffering from periodontal diseases. Its use is less painful than braces because it exerts a much lower force.

Invisalign can slow down the habit of bruxism despite being set for crowded teeth. The splint is interposed between the teeth and alleviates interdental contact.

Longevity of Invisalign results:

Its result, as in many other orthodontic treatments, can be maintained for life, but it is necessary to use retainers once the treatment is finished. Teeth tend to move naturally. Therefore, they will try to return to the position they had before the start of the treatment, not finding that force that stops them when the retainers are used.

There are several types of retainers, but we advise that only a specialist is trained to tell you which one to use, with the most benefit.

And nothing, if you feel now more informed about Invisalign as a general treatment and its particular use to correct crowded teeth, I suggest you follow us on the networks for more information.

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