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Ins and Outs about Glasses Online in Canada for Smoking Paraphernalia

Whether you are a beginner cannabis user or a veteran marijuana smoker, glass products are popular among cannabis users. Smokers usually pick glass bongs and pipes to smoke weed they buy from weed retailers in Canada. Besides, glass is the best and also the most common material for smoking paraphernalia. You can find smoking products made of glasses online in Canada in small to large sizes. Moreover, glass products that cannabis users choose to smoke weed also come in artistic designs and things in between. We are going to have a look at glass products that cannabis users use to smoke weed while finding answers to the following questions:

Q1. Why Is Glass a Perfect Medium for Smoking Marijuana?

Q2. What Are the Distinct Types of Glasses You May Find in the Market Today?

Q3. Which Is the Best Glass for Smoking Paraphernalia to Smoke Weed? 

Why Glass for Smoking Equipment?

Glass is a clean material, and heating a clean glass only makes it hotter. In other words, glass doesn’t begin to smoke or vaporize and doesn’t also create toxic fumes that emir odours or flavours. By the same token, glass is a suitable material for smoking cannabis flowers and concentrates. Contrarily, cannabis pipes made of metal, wood, and plastic typically contaminate cannabis smoke in some way or another. Pipes made of materials other than glass also alter the odour of the smoke and may emit toxic fumes, too. In addition, there are a variety of glass pipes for stoners to choose from and buy from head shops, such as Shop Rite.

Main Types of Glass Pipes

There are a variety of glass pipes available in cannabis stores that smokers can buy to smoke weed. The most common types of glass pipes that you can buy from smoke shops are as follows:


Spoons are easily recognizable pipes due to their simple design. One end of these pipes shapes like a spoon-like bowl where cannabis users also pack their cannabis. There is a small hole at the bottom of the bowl of spoons which allows the smoke to travel from the spoon to the body of the pipe. You can also find another hole in spoons adjacent to the bowl that cannabis users call “carb”. Stoners control the airflow while covering or uncovering the carb with their fingers. The body of the pipe stretches out from the bowl and carb & ends in the opening that cannabis users call “mouthpiece”.


Bongs are highly popular among stoners who smoke weed, which also have a water chamber for filtration. When smoke bubbles via the water chamber of the bong, the water cools down the smoke to filter heavy particulates. Consequently, stoners enjoy the smooth, cooler, and better taste of the smoke from bongs made of glasses online in Canada


Bubblers are a mixture of spoons and bongs. They resemble spoon pipes in shape and function, in addition to a water chamber for filtering the smoke. Many stoners enjoy better hits from bubblers than bongs but are smaller in size than spoons.  


Glass chillums are small cylinders of glass where you pack one end with flower and ignite. Plus, you pull the smoke out of the other hand of chillums.


Steamrollers are extra-large chillums that often have a small depression for packing cannabis. They have a carb for controlling airflow and a much larger diameter glass cylinder. Hence, stoners get a power punch of smoke while smoking weed via steamrollers.

Dab Rigs: 

Dab rigs use the same filtration system as bongs but with extra features and components to vaporize highly potent cannabis concentrates at high temperatures.

The Best Glass: Chinese or U.S. or Artisan or a Scientific Glass

You can find smoking paraphernalia made of Chinese and U.S. glass. Which of the two is the best? Chinese glass products to smoke weed are affordable and also convenient to find and buy. On the other hand, U.S. glass products are artistic and perfect for stoners who collect artistic smoking paraphernalia. Hence, Chinese glass is better in terms of affordability and convenience to purchase, whereas U.S glass pieces are artistic.  

Another thing to consider about glass when you buy smoking equipment is whether to choose scientific or artisan glass. Scientific glass pieces meet the demands and specifications of a specific community. They are more about function, precision, and consistency, such as Cheech and Chong glass. On the other hand, artisan glass pieces have more focus on design and style elements. These glass pieces are fun to smoke for cannabis users who also love a piece of art than just a smoking apparatus. Moreover, choosing the right glass piece to smoke weed is easy if you know:

  1. What smoking experience do you want from a glass pipe?
  2. What form or function do you prefer for it? 
  3. How much can you pay for it?


Glass is the most popular material for pipes that stoners use to smoke weed. The most common types of smoking paraphernalia made of glasses online in Canada that you can buy are:

  1. Spoons
  2. Bong
  3. Bubblers
  4. Chillums
  5. Steamrollers
  6. Dab rigs

Lastly, it all depends on your smoking needs and budget to choose the right glass pipe to smoke weed.