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Information Regarding GIA Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Chances are, you have heard of lab grown diamonds and may have even heard negative things about them like they’re man made or not as rare as natural diamonds or that they are genetically modified. All these statements are false and are simply myths designed to manipulate the consumer into buying an overpriced mined diamond. If you’re interested in learning the truth about lab grown diamonds, read on to find out all the information regarding GIA certified lab grown diamonds.

What are lab grown diamonds?

A lot of people think lab-grown diamonds are fake, or that they’re just industrial diamonds. Neither is true; a lab-grown diamond is just a natural diamond that was grown in a laboratory instead of mined from nature. They are real, valuable diamonds. The only difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown one is that one came out of the ground and another grew out of a solution in a laboratory. Both are 100% natural diamonds and both have the same value, despite what others may tell you. There are also no consumer protection laws regarding lab grown diamonds so buyer beware! Choose Best Lab  Grown Diamond Manufacturer.

What are some good reasons to buy lab grown diamonds?

Are you interested in buying a lab-grown diamond? Although they don’t quite have that real sparkle, manmade diamonds are growing in popularity for many reasons. You might want to check out some of these reasons before making your purchase. Lab-grown diamonds can be purchased as loose gems or mounted in jewelry, such as an engagement ring or necklace. So, what are some good reasons to buy lab grown diamonds? Read on to find out.

Where can i get these lab grown diamonds?

Nowhere. Your safest bet is to buy a diamond that has been graded by an accredited gemological lab, such as GIA. If you are set on purchasing synthetic diamonds, I recommend buying them directly from your local jeweler and having them independently graded. The two most popular lab grown brands (and they’re not even actually brands) are Charles & Colvard and Moissanite Co., but there are many others. There are also many different qualities of synthetic diamonds available—VVS1-2, VS1-2, SI1-2—and each of these grades represents a specific level of brilliance and fire that can be seen only under magnification.

Are there any disadvantages of buying lab grown diamonds?

Of course, there are disadvantages to buying lab-grown diamonds. Many gemologists and jewelers insist that real diamonds grown in nature have more value because they were formed naturally and over millions of years. While it’s true that natural diamonds are earth-mined, mined diamonds still require human intervention to shape them into engagement rings or other jewelry pieces. That makes them no less manmade. One thing to consider is a lab-grown diamond’s certification: these stones aren’t certified by any reputable gemological lab, so don’t be surprised if you’re told your stone isn’t worth as much as you paid for it or that it’s not even a diamond at all. Also, Find Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer.

Overall, what are the benefits of purchasing a lab grown diamond versus a mined diamond?

The benefits of purchasing a lab grown diamond versus a mined diamond can be seen in many different ways. Not only are they ethically sound, but they also come with several other perks. Lab grown diamonds don’t negatively impact our environment and so we can rest easy knowing that it isn’t ruining any part of nature by harvesting them. These precious gems are stronger than mined diamonds, meaning that when you purchase one, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or broken when something hits it hard enough (ex: dropping your phone on it). CVD diamonds is also no chance that an event like an earthquake will destroy your stone as long as you own a lab grown diamond.

GIA Certified Diamonds

Diamonds have long been regarded as a symbol of love and commitment, but that doesn’t mean all diamonds are created equal. In fact, there is a big difference between diamonds formed deep in the earth and those made in a laboratory. De Beers, one of the largest diamond companies in existence, has recently acknowledged that lab-grown diamonds are an acceptable alternative to earth-mined stones, even using them for their commercials. This information regarding GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds may help you decide which kind is right for you.

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