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Indian Visa for Greek Citizens

The eVisa has made it easier than ever before for Indian Visa for Greek Citizens.

With no need to present paperwork in person at an embassy or consulate, or join long queues at the airport, the India eVisa application for Greek passport holders is convenient and hassle-free.

The eVisa for India is valid for tourism, business, visiting family and friends plus short-term medical treatment.

To be granted access to India, Greek travelers must meet all the India visa requirements for the type of eVisa need.

Do Greece Passport Holders Need a Visa for India?

Greek citizens need a visa to enter India. As Greek nationals can no longer obtain a visa on arrival for India, it is essential that they apply for the relevant eVisa before departing Greece.

It should be noted that each traveler must have their own eVisa, Greek families going to India with children should make a separate visa request for each minor.

A maximum of 2 e-Visas can be applied for from Greece in one calendar year.

What Documents Do Greeks Need to Obtain an Indian Visa?

In order to be granted a visa for India, Greek travelers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in India. The passport should have a minimum of 2 blank pages for the entry and exit stamps.

Further requirements for Greek citizens include:

  • An onward flight ticket, or a return ticket to Greece
  • Sufficient funds to cover the entire stay in India
  • debit or credit card to pay the India eVisa fees
  • A current email address to which correspondence and the approved visa will be sent

Types of India e-Visa for Greek Citizens

There are 3 types of Indian eVisa, all of which are available to Greek nationals. It is important for Greeks to apply for the visa which corresponds with their reason for travel.

Whilst all Greek passport holders, regardless of their motive for visiting India, must meet the requirement outlined above, each eVisa subcategory has its own specific criteria.

India e-Tourist visa: for tourism and visiting friends and family

Whether engaging in touristic activities or visiting family and friends, the e-Tourist visa is necessary for Greek citizens in India for leisure purposes. Anyone in India for a yoga or wellness retreat should also opt for this type of eVisa.

An Indian tourist eVisa is valid for 365 days from the issue date. The permit is multiple-entry and Greek passport holders with a tourist eVisa can stay in India for up to 90 days.

India e-Business visa: for a range of business activities

Sales and trade, attending business meetings or participating in exhibitions and trade fairs are just some of the activities which Greeks can carry out with an India e-Business visa.

Like the e-Tourist visa, this permit has a validity period of 365 days. Greek business travelers can spend a total of 180 days in India across the year, these can be used all at once or distributed across several trips.

In addition to the standard requirements, anyone requesting an e-Business visa must also provide:

  • A business card or business letter
  • Information about the sending and receiving organizations

India e-Medical visa: for short-term medical treatment

Should a Greek citizen require medical treatment in India, they will need to apply for the e-Medical Visa for India.

This travel document has a shorter validity period, 120 days from the issue date, it is triple-entry and allows for a total stay of 60 days.

To obtain an Indian e-Medical visa, Greeks must meet the main entry requirements and also supply:

  • A letter from an Indian hospital
  • Information about the hospital in India where the medical treatment will take place

This type of eVisa will only be granted to the patient, accompanying family members should instead apply for the India medical attendant visa.

How Can Greek Nationals Apply for an Indian Visa?

To obtain any of the above permits, Greek citizens should complete the India eVisa application form.

The following personal information and passport details are required:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Date and country of birth
  • Port and expected date of arrival
  • Passport number, nationality, issue, and expiry date

Supporting documents, depending on the type of Indian Visa for Israel Citizens, should also be submitted.

On completion of the form, the visa fees are paid using a debit or credit card.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Indian Visa From Greece?

The Indian eVisa form can be completed in under an hour, care should be taken to ensure all data is filled in accurately as any mistakes may lead to delays or even rejection.

Applicants are advised to request the visa 4 business days before leaving Greece for India.

On approval, the Visa is sent directly to the traveler’s email address, to be printed at home and presented on arrival along with the valid passport.

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