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India online visa application for citizens of France and Germany

The Government of India has announced that it will begin issuing French visa on arrival for French citizens. This will make it easier for French citizens to visit India and see the many wonders the country has to offer. It also opens up new opportunities for French companies and tourists to invest in India and create jobs. I have visited India many times, and have always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal.

How can a French citizen apply for an Indian visa?

The Indian government has announced that it will begin offering French citizens visa-on-arrival to help boost tourism. The announcement comes after French President Emmanuel Macron said that France would increase its presence in India to compete with China, which has been investing heavily in the country. The announcement also comes just days after Macron visited the country and announced a partnership with the Indian government to deepen cooperation in space technology and security, Indian Visa for French Citizens.

As a French citizen, you have the right to apply for an Indian visa. The process is straightforward and takes less than two weeks. Once you are in India, you will be able to freely move around and explore all that the country has to offer. You will be able to visit historical sites, go on hikes, and visit the beach.

French citizens living in India can now apply for Indian visas on the same day they apply for their French visas. The new service is available at French consulates and embassies in the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and allows applicants to apply for Indian visas with their French visa application. The new service is the latest example of French authorities’ efforts to improve mobility in and between the two countries. It follows the launch of e-passports for French citizens, and the ability for French citizens to apply for Indian visas without a French visa in certain countries.

If you are a French citizen living in India and you have an application for a visa pending with the French consulate in India, we may be able to assist you. We have partnered with the French consulate in New Delhi to offer French visa assistance services in India. If you are interested in our French visa assistance services, please send us a message using the link below. We will evaluate your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Indian visa application for German citizens

As Germany’s largest trading partner in Europe, the Indian visa for German citizens will certainly make our lives easier while traveling to and in India. Germans have the privilege of visiting India visa-free for up to 30 days. However, to extend your stay in India, you must apply for an Indian visa from the German embassy in your home country. The visa typically takes three to four weeks to be approved or rejected.

The Indian government has announced that it will begin issuing German citizens visas on an automatic basis. This means that German citizens who are traveling to India for tourism will not have to apply for a visa in advance. This is a huge development for the German tourism industry in India, which saw a 40% increase in visitor numbers in 2018. The new visa program is part of the Indian government’s ‘Smart India’ program, which aims to improve digital infrastructure and security in the country, and is also expected to create thousands of jobs.

German citizens are able to apply for an Indian visa on arrival at the airport in Bengaluru. They don’t require a valid Schengen visa, so you can apply for a German visa for India at your local German embassy or consulate without having to visit Germany first. However, the application process can take up to two weeks, so we recommend applying well in advance of your trip. You can read the visa requirements for German citizens here.

As an Indian passport holder, you may have had trouble traveling abroad. If you have a German passport, you may not have needed an Indian visa at all. But starting this month, German passport holders will need an Indian visa to visit India. The visa requirement is part of a tightening of India’s visa rules, which are aimed at preventing terrorists and other criminals from using India as a travel route.

Germany and India are forging stronger ties. In December, German Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to India to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During her visit, Modi invited Merkel to Germany, where she is scheduled to meet with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier later this month. The two countries are also strengthening their economic ties.

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