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Incredible Steps to Fix Cudy WiFi Range Extender can’t Connect To Router

There is an easy and efficient way to get rid of internet dead spots in your house or apartment, it’s called Cudy. Cudy is a wifi extender that extends the reach of your router. It is a compact device and can easily fit in any corner of your house. The device is small but it has a powerful antenna that scans the environment and tries to find the best way to connect you. A cudy wifi range extender is the best way to get rid of dead spot problems in your house. The device also has some advanced features, like the ability to be as a repeater and boost the wifi signal for your mobile devices. In addition, this extender extends the reach of your router. 

Furthermore, the Cudy WiFi range extender is a compact device and can easily fit in any corner of your house. These units can turn your unused wired internet connection into a wireless one, expanding the reach of your internet to the far corners of your home. This blog aim to provide troubleshooting tips if the cudy wifi extender won’t connect to the wifi router. 

Reasons behind Cudy WiFi Range Extender Won’t Connect To Router

Before we go into how to fix the Cudy range extender won’t connect to the WiFi router problem, it’s vital to figure out what’s causing it. This will help you in fixing the problem efficiently and fast.

After finishing the Cudy Extender setup procedure, you may connect to the internet using any WiFi-enabled device. However, if the range extender cannot connect to the router, you will be unable to access the internet or do the router setup. While there might be sever Cudy Extender is unable to connect to the router after it has been reset.

  • The Extender is connected to the router, however, there is no internet access.
  • The WiFi connection on the Extender drops often.
  • It is unable to locate the wireless network and you are unable to login to Extender.
  • The client device fails to connect to the Extender’s network.

Troubleshooting steps: Cudy WiFi Range Extender can’t able to Connect with Router

Go through the troubleshooting steps given to absolutely resolve the not connecting issue.

Basic check points

Before attempting advanced troubleshooting techniques, keep the following things in mind:

The wireless range extender/booster and router are powered on and receive steady power from the wall outlet.

There should be no hardware damage to your range extender or router. Keep the range extender and router in the same room.

Examine the LED lights on your router and extender. The LED lights must all be steady. Check that the extender has been correctly configured using the genie setup procedure.

Verify the connection

The next troubleshooting tip is to check that your extender is securely connected to a power source and receiving adequate power. Check sure the extender’s power light is stable and firm. There should be no blinking. You must ensure that your client device is connected to the range extender. You can connect to the wifi network through a cable or wireless connection.

After doing the secure connection, you can do the setup with ap.setup.

Optimum and correct position of extender

Incorrect placement may result in the Cudy WiFi extender not connecting to the router problem. Let’s take a look at some crucial rules to keep in mind when putting your extender:

Choose a strategic position for the range extender in your home or business. The extender should be kept at a safe distance from solid walls, corners, and ceilings. In addition, keep your home’s electronic devices away from the extension. However, metal items can potentially cause interference in the route of WiFi signals from your extender, resulting in the WiFi extender not connecting to the internet. As a result, keep the extender away from such items. Additionally, keep your wifi extender away from mirrors, fish tanks, and other reflective surfaces.

Power cycle wireless repeater

Still can’t get your extender to connect to your router? Don’t be concerned! Choose the power-cycle technique. To power cycle, your WiFi range extender, Unplug your wifi extender from the power source. Allow your range extender to rest. Connect the extender to the power outlet once again. Make sure your WiFi extender is correctly turned on and that the power LED is solid green.

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