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Incase You Missed It: 5 Unique and Engaging Artists to Follow

Incase art you missed it, we just posted up five artists that should be on your radar (or at least in your playlist). Check them out now to see what we’re talking about! Remember, these are just our picks so far; there are always more interesting artists out there. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

Alika Cooper

Cooper’s work is all about transcending cultural boundaries. I want [my] art to expose people of different cultures and ethnicities as human, not just their differences, she told Artsy , where her collection can be viewed. Cooper plays with Asian symbols, but adds a modern twist through a contemporary lens. Whether it’s ouji fashion or Chinese-American culture , Cooper manages to blend cultural elements in interesting ways that have never been done before.

Aiko Miyanaga

Japanese-American painter Aiko Miyanaga is one of my favorite new artists—she’s also a phenomenal creator who brings together pop art, anime, animal paintings, manga, traditional Japanese art forms (like Ukiyo-e) and more. Incase you missed it—here are some pieces from her collection you should check out! 3D Printed Bead Art by Keita Mori: Keita Mori, another artist we highlighted recently on Ouji Fashion, uses 3D printing technology to create these beautiful beads. His creations aren’t just visually appealing; they can be used as charms or for DIY jewelry making.

Jason Felix

If you’re a fan of art with a hipster vibe, then make sure you follow Jason Felix. Felix describes his own art as modern kawaii (that’s Japanese for cute), which is usually displayed in bright colors. While he is most known for his animal characters, Felix recently showed off some new pieces that are more black-and-white and ethereal. The artist has a knack for taking ordinary objects like fruit or flowers and making them into something adorable. His work will remind you of all your favorite things from childhood, but it’ll be totally fresh at the same time. The artist also has an Etsy shop where he sells prints of his artwork; it’s definitely worth checking out if you like what you see on Instagram!

David Wiseman

As a 20-year-old studying fashion at FIT, David Wiseman already has had quite an impressive career. He’s walked for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Anna Sui and more than a dozen other high profile designers. And that’s just his personal life. When it comes to his art (yes, he creates art) as well as his fashion photography on Tumblr, Wiseman knows how to express himself perfectly in black and white. His illustrations are detailed, dark and beautiful—they look like something out of a Tim Burton movie. His fashion photography is equally breathtaking—it’s clear he knows what makes a great shot from head to toe, inside and out. His work is so captivating because it manages to be both ethereal and gritty at once; each piece tells its own story without being too literal or obvious about it. If you want your feed to look like something straight out of The Matrix, add him now!

Margarita Levieva

Levieva’s one of those people who would make you say, I want to be her friend. Not only is she an actress (best known for appearing on CSI: NY) but also a photographer, model, artist, designer and humanitarian. Last year she founded Ouji Fashion with Rachel Zoe which raised more than $200K in four days on Kickstarter.

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