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HomeBusinessIn New Jersey, you may find high-quality custom clothing.

In New Jersey, you may find high-quality custom clothing.

The quality and lifespan of your printed t-shirt designs are improved by screen printing. For hoodie screen printing, we only utilise water-based inks. These inks are safe for the environment and provide a high-quality non-plastic finish. We offer t-shirt printing packages in New Jersey. These T-shirt specials are designed to make ordering bespoke T-shirts as simple as possible. The prices include both VAT and delivery. The minimum order for our screen printed T-shirts is 25.

Screen Printing’s Advantages

Because each T-shirt manufactured absorbs a portion of the initial setup cost, T-shirt purchases become cheaper as the number increases. The minimum screen printed apparel order is $25, with T-shirt printing discounts of $50 or more usually giving the most value for money.

Our studio prints all orders in-house, using the screen printing method, which is still unrivalled in print quality. Spot colours, special effect inks, and photographic reproduction all produced excellent results. Furthermore, screen printing gives wash fastness, a soft hand, and consistent results when printing large bespoke T-shirt orders.

Take a look at how it works.

Watch as our screen printers use water-based inks to customise t-shirts. Organic T-shirts from Europe are used.

Inks that are based on water

Water-based inks are Blackwater Studios’ specialty, and they have a lot of experience with them. Plastisol (plastic) inks are not used in our workshops. The most environmentally friendly live screen printing inks are water-based inks, which are also very mild to the touch. The resulting prints will last as long as the t-shirt does. Our water-based inks come in a variety of varieties and uses, as shown in the table below.


Our standard ink is safe for the environment. It’s transparent and flowing, and it absorbs into the fabric like a dye. Darker colours are printed on lighter-colored t-shirts, such as white, ecru, and pastels, with this ink. The final colour of lighter printed inks will be affected by darker t-shirts. Yellow ink, for example, will deepen as it dries. Any underlying T-shirt colours, on the other hand, will have no effect on black ink. On white or light clothing, darker inks are used. As a result, neither an under base nor a discharge are required.

Ink Discharge

To remove the original colour from the T-shirt, discharge ink requires a bleaching procedure. The overprinted pattern colours are evident during the bleaching process, which takes place within the belt drier. This allows for lighter inks to be used on darker t-shirts. On dark-colored t-shirts, however, discharge printing gives the softest print. Furthermore, not all t-shirt fabric compositions/colors bleach entirely. Use dark or colourful clothing for the smoothest finish.

Opaque Ink

They’re employed for print colours that aren’t fully faded and materials that aren’t completely faded. The screen print would not be as soft as when the discharge process is utilised because this opaque ink is a water-based variation of the more commonly used plastisol inks. This water-based ink, like plastisol, sits on top of the t-shirt fabric, often with a base underneath to keep the colours vibrant. As an alternative to discharge inks, it is utilised on dark or colourful clothing.

Opaque Vs. Discharge

Blackwater Studios will be able to assist you in deciding which inks to use once we have all of the data about your order, including the intended style of your design and a complete list of clothing colours you want to be printed. We propose standard and discharge printing when the softest print is necessary. When the colour of your chosen clothes does not fade and the colour of your outfit is the most important element, we propose opaque water-based inks. On any sort of T-shirt fabric, these provide exceptionally brilliant pattern colours. To keep your printed colours vivid on dark clothes, we use your design under the base screen. The under base screen entails screen-printing the entire method in white ink as a base layer or undercoat. On top of that, the additional design colours were printed. Regardless of how many colours are used in the design, just one bottom base is required. If the T-shirt fabric is white or light in colour, there is no need to print this base coat.