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Important Things to Keep in Mind During Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

The other things to remember in making a decision on hiring a lawyer is the laws are important when it comes to divorce, and knowing the processes involved with divorce cases. Before going out and hiring a divorce attorney, be sure any lawyer that you hire has significant experience handling divorce cases in your local area. The lawyer you hire is going to be helping you with some tough decisions, so you want to be sure that not only are they knowledgeable and experienced, they are also credible.

The lawyer should tell you who is going to work on your case, and he or she should also introduce you to the attorneys associates. In the event you are unaware of anyone that has been a client of this divorce lawyer, you may want to ask the attorney to provide you a list of clients who you may speak with, who may better explain their experiences with this particular divorce attorney. You can also ask the divorce attorneys office policies, that helps you to better understand the attorney listening to the things previous clients say about that divorce lawyer. 

If you want someone who will take you through the divorce process and explain each decision, let each lawyer you interview know this. Look for an attorney who helps you understand the divorce process, creatively approaches problems, is experienced with your court system, and has a strong record of success. You should seek out an attorney who has a philosophy that you are comfortable with in divorce, and who has experience in both adversarial and non-contest divorces.

It is best to hire an attorney with experience in contested divorce and dissolution, which is the least painful and least expensive type of divorce. Whether you are planning on going through a litigated divorce or a collaborative divorce, it is important to hire someone who has courtroom experience. By the same token, a lawyer with a lot of experience in courtrooms is also necessary if your divorce is contentious or results in a contested divorce.

Most attorneys in the non-contested divorce arena are not litigation attorneys, and typically have little or no experience in substantive litigation preparation and strategy. It is my belief that an attorney that is only handling a divorce on an irregular basis may be unaware of recent changes to Alabama family law, or of best strategies to employ. Clearly, when it comes to divorce, you want an attorney that is experienced with family law, who is experienced with getting you where you want to be in a divorce.

Whether the divorce goes to trial, make sure to find a lawyer who is experienced in not just family law, but with judges in your jurisdiction, in order to provide optimal counsel on optimal legal strategies. This might not apply to everyone, but if you are not in a heterosexual marriage, or one with no heterosexual transition, you may want to find an attorney with some experience with divorces between people of the same sex. While it is true that any attorney in Alabama is licensed to handle divorces in Alabama, I believe that there is a large difference between a lawyer who is general practice attorney and an attorney with serious family law practice.

It is my opinion that hiring the wrong Alabama attorney for your specific case is one of the top ten worst divorce mistakes that you can make. The good news is you can avoid that mistake by knowing a few important tips from to help you hire the best family law attorney in Alabama to fit your needs. Hiring the wrong lawyer could end up costing you more in the courtroom later on when you have to hire an experienced divorce lawyer in Alabama to take your case.

If you are facing a contentious divorce case involving significant assets, complex financial issues, or complex custody disputes, you should seek out a knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in family law and has experience in the specific issues involved in your case. Ask the questions you need to ask to ensure the lawyer is equipped to handle your specific divorce case. When hiring a divorce lawyer, it is best to ensure your attorney practices exclusively in the field of family law, and that they can help you navigate the wide range of issues that might come up on your file.

Do your research about the divorce process and understand what you are getting yourself into before filing. Take some time to educate yourself on your states laws, so that you will have an idea of what you are looking at during the divorce process. These laws are often updated or struck down by the Legislature and/or courts, so you will want to find an attorney who is up- to-date on new rules and cases that will affect your divorce.

Try to find a divorce lawyer that has extensive experience working with local family courts, and especially a divorce attorney that has a good understanding of how local judges tend to rule. If you can find a divorce attorney who has a great record of reaching settlement agreements for divorces outside of court, this is usually a good sign. Dallas divorce lawyer Aubrey Connatser always advises people to interview more than one divorce attorney, as you want to hire an attorney whose expertise and approach to divorce is in line with your goals. Even if you get a referral for a family law lawyer from a friend or other attorney, you still need to do your homework; verify the attorneys qualifications, and be sure that he or she has sufficient experience handling your case.

You should also ask whether the attorney has specific experience with the biggest issues of your case, such as child custody or valuing assets. Clarify if you will be charged for any partners that your divorce lawyer brings on board to assist them with your case. When hiring a divorce attorney, it is important to remember that you are seeking out legal representation, and not a therapist, psychologist, accountant, life coach, etc. The work of the divorce attorney/divorce attorney is to give you facts about your case so you can make intelligent legal decisions. Having an attorney makes sure you and your spouse are not placed in a situation where your history and hate for each other is going to interfere with getting a fair and equitable divorce outcome in a relatively short period of time.

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