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Important Points To Know Firewood: Types, Uses, And Much More

Firewood is used for any wooden material stored and used as fuel. Firewood is a great source of fuel. It did not get processed as other wooden materials got processed, like chips and pellets. Firewood is also a renewable energy source, so it is very helpful for common uses.

Firewood is known for its natural re-growing ability, and it can grow back very easily. That’s why it is a very good form of resource. It is generally used in rural areas where there is a lack of other fuels like coal, petroleum, etc. For these types of areas, firewood is a great form of resource.

History of Firewood – Time ago when there was a lack of industrialization and a lack of fossil fuels. During old times almost everyone used firewood as fuel for their daily life, like cooking.

Uses of Firewood: Points To Note

You can use firewood in different ways; forward is a form of fuel; that’s why it can be used as fuel in many places like –

Cooking – using firewood for cooking is a well-known firewood usage in the old time. Almost everyone uses firewood for cooking today. In rural areas, firwoods are used for cooking. Using wood for cooking can be a great use of firewood.

Heating – firwood also can be used for heating or burning things. You can use firewood for water heating purposes and heating and many things. It was also used in old times for lighting and getting heat in winter; it is also used in rural areas or even cities.

Advantages of Firewood: Points To Note

There are 4 main advantages of firewood which you need to know about. Read on to know more in detail!

You don’t have to depend on companies during heavy rain, earthquakes, floods, etc. During power cuts, firewood will help a lot.

Firewood is a renewable source of energy as well.

Purchasing local firewood helps your local economy.

Using firewood is a very cost-efficient fuel. It is economically better than heat, gas, or oil.

Types of firewood

Firewood mainly be divided into three categories:

Hardwood:  The growth speed of hardwood is very slow. There are more thick and dense softwoods. They are dark in color, burn more slowly, and are best for cooking and heating.

There are 4 common hardwood trees

Oak, Birch, Ash, and walnut

Softwood is less dense and lighter in weight, burns fast than hardwood, and produces more smoke. That’s why softwoods are best for outside work.

Disadvantages of Using Firewood:

There are mainly and well known two disadvantages of firewood

Deforestation – It is obvious to get firewood. We need to cut down many trees, and these trees can cause deforestation; today, deforestation is a very big problem we face. If we use more firewood, there will be no trees remaining to give us proper oxygen.

Air pollution – When we burn firewood, it generates a smoke of very dangerous and harmful gases. This smoke causes air pollution and global warming. Fewer trees make our environment poisonous.

Cleanliness – While using firewood in burning stoves, it generates ashes; these ashes, if we do not clean regularly, can cause a mess in your home.


So, these were some points you needed to know about firewood and its types and main uses of firewood and disadvantages with the help of this article now you have almost every details regarding firewood. So, it is helpful for you if you are purchasing firewood from your nearby areas as you know all the benefits and uses of firewood.

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