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Importance of using spill pallet or containment platform for cargo purposes

Safe transportation and storage necessitates going above and beyond to protect employees, vehicles, goods, and general safety. Spills can be disastrous in terms of both costs and environmental impact, so it is critical to take every precaution to avoid and control them. 

One of the most cost-effective and simple measures for reducing the risk of spills? 

How do spill containment platform of pallets work to keep dangerous spills contained? And why are they a good investment for anyone who stores or transports liquid hazardous materials? 

In this article, we will go over everything these pallets do and why Air Sea has made them a focal point of our safety equipment selection.

Extremely effective spill tray 

A spill pallet is a pallet that includes a spill tray made of steel or plastic to catch leaks, drips, or ruptures from chemical storage drums. The typical design includes a plastic or metal grate on which the drums sit, as well as a sump beneath the grate into which the contents will flow in the event of a spill. 

Widely used in cargo shipment industry 

Some models include a drain plug to easily drain the spill into a safe receptacle. The concept is simple but extremely effective, and it is now widely used in cargo shipping. To begin with, a spill is something you want to avoid at all costs. Even if the spill occurs in your warehouse rather than a more difficult location such as a vehicle or outdoors, proper cleanup can take hours, jeopardize worker safety, and incur significant costs. 

So, if a shipping drum fails, you should be as prepared as possible. The spill pallets’ built-in sump collects any spills or leaks and simplifies cleanup while protecting both workers and the environment. Spill pallets should be used to save time, money, and effort while reducing risk.

Hazardous materials can pose a serious threat to health and safety 

Even a small leak or drip of many hazardous materials can pose a serious threat to health and safety—and they are not always easy to notice and catch in time. Moving a leaking hazardous material pallet can result in serious injury to your workers, and most traditional pallets provide little protection against these hazards. 

Striking a balance of safety and convenience is a challenge for all types of businesses, so when you find it, make sure to use it! Our spill containment pallet models are designed to be easily moved using standard warehouse equipment like a forklift or pallet jack. They also nest neatly inside each other, making them easy to store and take up little space when not in use.

Final Lines 

Spill containment pallets are an important line of defence against undetected leaks and spills, allowing your employees to handle spill pallets with confidence.

Whatever type of goods you are shipping, Swiftind is your one-stop shop for packaging and safety equipment. Call or email the experts to learn more about our spill pallet options or our many excellent safety equipment options. They have been the leading provider of shipping solutions since their inception, so go with the best.

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