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How wide is a Queen Bed?

Making your bedroom space-efficient is one of the easiest ways to maximize your living area, and nowhere can you save more room than a murphy bed. A murphy bed allows you to easily convert your bedroom from an office or living room space into a bedroom whenever you need it, and it’s possible to find Murphy beds in sizes ranging from full to queen-sized (and even larger!). But how wide is a queen bed? Is there anything special I should know about these kinds of beds? Check out our guide on a queen bed’s width to learn more about this space-saving furniture.

The width of a standard queen mattress

The width of a queen-size mattress typically measures 60 inches from head to toe which means it’s good for couples who don’t sleep spoon-style. The thickness of a standard queen mattress: 24 inches. The thickness of most queen mattresses measures 24 inches, with an extra 3 or 4 added by box springs or wooden frames. A typical headboard on one side: 30 inches.

The width of a king mattress

King-size mattresses measure between 76 and 80 inches across, making them too big for most standard beds. Although there are king-size Murphy bed out there, they can be difficult to find—and they don’t necessarily come cheap. If you want to avoid expensively and time-consuming bedroom remodels, consider investing in a mattress that fits your standard bed frame.

What width do you need?

The standard dimensions for a Queen Bed are 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. However, some custom made beds may vary slightly. Consider these measurements before making your purchase to ensure that you do not order one that is too small or too large if you are having trouble measuring your space, including headboard and footboard space. Often, people will forget about adding extra room around their bed so they can comfortably walk around it without bumping into it while they are sleeping. A good rule of thumb is if you have a mattress set up in your room and there are no more than 3 feet between each side of your bed, you should be okay with most sizes of Queen Beds. Another thing to consider when purchasing a new Queen size mattress is how tall your ceilings are as well as how tall you are.

How to measure your bedroom

Before you buy your new bed, it’s best to know what size mattress will fit in your room, measure both your bedroom width and depth and have these dimensions handy when you shop for your new mattress. Most beds have widths between 60 inches (short) and 80 inches (extra-long), but there are some that are even wider. Queen-size mattresses are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, while king-size mattresses measure up to 84 inches by 76 inches. To determine which sizes will work best for your bedroom, measure from the wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

How to decide if you have enough space

If you’re planning to buy a new queen-size mattress, don’t buy it until you have measured your bedroom. If your bedroom isn’t at least 80 inches in width, you may find that your new bed won’t fit through doors or pass through hallway arches. Your new mattress needs room to breathe, so measure before you shop! Here are some general guidelines for sizing up a bed: A twin will comfortably fit two people, while a queen should be big enough for two people plus one small child. A king should accommodate two adults and one small child (or one adult and three small children). An ottoman can add extra storage space beneath your mattress, which can be helpful if you lack dresser drawers or closet space. You can also place decorative pillows on top of an ottoman to create an extra seating area.


A queen-size bed is 60 wide. And if you’re looking for ways to create more space in your bedroom, consider purchasing a Murphy Bed. With a Murphy Bed, you have all of your bedroom needs while also having plenty of room to move around during your day.

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