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How to Write an Impressive and Influential Motivational Speech - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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How to Write an Impressive and Influential Motivational Speech

We all are human beings. Hence, we all can feel de-motivated and demoralized at some point. In this case, we need someone who can come forward and inspire us so that we can regain our confidence and stand strong to face life’s challenges again. However, a motivational speaker cannot (most of the time) do it without the help of a good and expertly written motivational speech. If you listen to people like Deepanshu Kher you will notice that their speeches have some sort of magic.

If you are also trying your hands in this industry, then check out the following points to know how to write influential and impressive motivational speeches:

Do not keep too many points

Even though having multiple points will help you divide your speech well, this is not a great idea as it can create confusion from the viewpoint of your audience. And when this happens, the audience will end up having no clear idea of what you are talking about. Hence, you are advised not to keep a lot of points. With this, you will be able to allow your audience has a clear of what they are expected to do afterward.

Structure your speech well

The way a motivational speaker structures his speech is surely going to have a bigger impact on how effectively you connect with your targeted audience. It will also tell you how well you can deliver the message that you wanted to. A good motivational speaker such as Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker never dives into the writing work without doing proper research and preparing a proper structure. When you structure your speech well, you will end up having a well-defined start, middle, and end. So, write down your speech first before heading toward the stage.

Always use easy-to-understand language

If you see the present scenario, then we can say that it is not the time when you add a huge bout of verbosity. Not using complicated or bigger words will not only help you sound smart but your audience will be able to understand everything pretty well. Therefore, always use simple language and simple words to elaborate your ideas. Many inspirational speakers think that having simple words will affect the quality of their speech – but this is nothing but a myth. 

Add real-life examples and storytelling

Well! This will provide your speech with a new life. Yes, you are reading it right. When you add your life experiences, real-life examples, and your struggles in the speech, people are more likely to get connected with you. Why? It is because they somehow feel that you are talking about their life challenges and struggles. And when they feel so, you will succeed as a motivational speaker just like Deepanshu Kher. However, it is important for you to have the right storytelling skills. Life experiences should not seem unrealistic otherwise people will easily be detached.

Keep the opening and ending of the speech powerful

You will be amazed to know that the first 5-10 minutes of any motivational speech are crucial. If you successfully grabbed the attention in this duration, then the chances are higher that your audience will listen to you till the end. Apart from this, the end of the speech should be clear and complete. Many motivational speakers finish their speeches at the most unexpected point. This will not only confuse your audience but your speech will have zero impact on them. In case you do not know what makes a good start and ending in a speech, you are advised to monitor the speeches delivered by a popular name – Deepanshu Kher, a motivational speaker.


To conclude, a good motivational speaker has its own significance. It is because these are the key to inspiring people, improving their creativity, helping people gain confidence, reducing fear, and providing them with a fresh outlook on life and various other things. If you are new to this industry, then you are advised to listen to someone like Deepanshu Kher to get some idea on how to write an impressive speech.

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Eleena Wills
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