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How to watch Private Videos on YouTube?

I am sure that almost all the people are familiar with the YouTube application and have used the application to watch different videos that are available on the site. But, as we have said that certain videos on YouTube are private and there are only some limited people that can access these videos and this is why in this guide, we are going to tell you how to access private youtube videos

Why can’t you watch private YouTube videos?

When you see the private videos on YouTube then, it must have struck your mind why is it hard for you to access the private videos on YouTube. 

  1. A private video requires the permission of the owner before you can access it. 
  2. You can only view private youtube videos after you have received permission from the uploader in the youtube settings. 
  3. These videos are not available in your search result and can only be accessed via a link. 
  4. If you are a subscriber of the account then, you will get a notification if a private video is uploaded on the site. 

How can you watch a private Video on YouTube?

There are some methods through which you can watch the private videos on YouTube but most of them require the access of the uploader and this is why it is important that you know what video you want to watch. 

  1. You can use the uploader’s access to watch the private videos on YouTube. This particular feature is mostly used to preserve the privacy of the content creator. 
  2. You can also copy the URL of the video and then, delete watch? from it and then watch it as the video will be unblocked after that. 
  3. You can also sign into your account and then watch the video after you know how to private a video on youtube. 
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