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How to View Private Instagram Profile Pictures


Online stalking is a common and the most prevailing practice that almost everyone is addicted to. However, the risk of running into a problematic situation is always higher than ethically sending a follower request.

Celebrities who own a private account might not enjoy the liability of keeping one because people might have loaded their accounts with a lot of followers’ requests but sending a request to a common individual is almost the same. But, you can always bypass those private accounts by using some simple tricks but it’s time for some basics first.

What is a private Instagram account

A private account is different than a public account as the Profile pictures  and all other posts are hidden by the non-followers. You need to send a request to the targeted profile pictures in order to view their content. Otherwise, it is next to impossible to view their photos or videos until and unless you don’t have a mutual friend whom you can ask for a favour, to send you some screenshots from their profile pictures.

Try Google – Your Best Friend

Google is indeed everyone’s friend when it comes to investigating and some deep searching. You can do the same for private Instagram accounts. Just enter the Instagram username and hit enter, you will be resented with some profile pictures of the private profile, that I should say fits best on the phrase “Something is better than nothing”.

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Search Another Social Medium

Although, Instagram is a private place other social mediums such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others are not that private. You can easily view some of the content they post you can also see the profile pictures and their photos with other people also known as ‘tagged photos’ Simple search with the same username on other social mediums and you might find the person on other social platforms as well.

The best solution

There is some other solution as well that will sure shot help you in viewing Instagram profile pictures. Here are some of the third-party Website to help you serve the purpose:


The first and foremost Website is Instazoom. You might be wondering why it is the first choice. Well, that’s because Instazoom works in everyone’s best interest.

It helps you enlarge the profile pictures, it works to extract the content from your private Instagram profile pictures. Not only this but it can also be used to download any type of content from Insta not but pictures but stories, reels, videos, photos, everything. The Website is very easy to use:

Visit the Website and launch it on your smartphone. Enter the username of the targeted Instagram profile picture select your desired user from the drop-down menu and hit enter to achieve your results.

IG LookUp

It is an investigative kind of app that will let you spy on private profile pictures. You need to enter the username and hit the ‘Spy now’ button. You need to wait for a pretty good time before you will be able to see the full results. But, let me tell you, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Private Insta

The best part about this tool is that you don’t need to create any user account in order to use it. Instead, you have to take a short survey and you are in for a treat! Just enter the username of the profile and you can see the private profile of your favorite person.

Insta DPS

It is a slightly different tool than others as it will ask you to enter the username first and it will present you with the profile pictures of the profile. Once you download the photo then only it will direct you to watch the content of a private profile.

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Watching private profile pictures isn’t a big hassle if you know the basics and this article details all the basics that you need to know before you think about spying ok other private profiles.

The apps detailed above will help you to view your private Insta profiles and their content without revealing your identity and that’s the biggest benefit you can get out of such apps because maintaining anonymity is of the utmost important thing when working on such projects.

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